Piranha Games is calling today’s MechWarrior Online patch “a big one” — and that’s no exaggeration. The patch notes are voluminous, requiring 28 Page Downs on my computer to get to the bottom. The patch brings about “the first step in a series of community-driven changes to various aspects of gameplay,” focusing on several changes to weapons and equipment. There’s a lot there, but it can be neatly summarized in a few broad categories:

Energy weapons see the most changes, to make them more in line with other options for various ranges of engagements. Changes to ballistic weapons focus on “variation within the weapon family and boosting underperformers,” and missile weapons will be a bit more consistent in their damage output, with tweaks to missile health values, spreads, velocity, and volley properties.

Three pieces of equipment are also seeing significant changes. AMS has lost its ammo explosion risk, while Laser AMS now generates lower heat. MASC fill rate has been reduced by 50%, with the redline threshold increased to 85%, and the tonnage cost for IS CASE has been reduced to zero, allowing it to be equipped in arms and legs. Finally, artillery and air strikes, like missiles, are meant to be more consistent, with a greater duration or strike length but lower damage, thus reducing their “feast or famine” nature.


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