Daybreak And Standing Stone Parent Company Boasts $54 Million In Revenue For The First Quarter Of 2023

That’s 43% higher than last year.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Enad Global 7 Profits

Things are looking pretty good for Enad Global 7, the parent company of Daybreak and Standing Stone Games. According to the company’s most recent financial report, it brought in $54 Million USD during the first quarter of 2023. That’s a big increase over last year, by about 43%. While some of those profits are attributed to things like Piranha’s MechWarrior 5, MMO developers Daybreak Game Company and Standing Stone Games were responsible for nearly half the video game-related sales. Interestingly, sales are a bit down for Daybreak – so, that basically means sales went up in other areas.

Still, the MMO developers are still bringing in money – part of which is attributed to some of the games in the portfolio celebrating various anniversary events – specifically, EverQuest and DCUO. Two games not mentioned, including PlanetSide 2. We just wrote about an anniversary celebration for the whole PlanetSide IP, so perhaps that will make a difference next quarter. Lord of the Rings Online wasn’t mentioned either – which we’re sure will have some folks speculating what with the announcement of the Amazon Lord of the Rings MMO despite what the LOTRO team has said.

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