Meet Dev, Redfall's Fourth And Final Character Who Wields A Lightning Spear And Teleports

When not hunting vampires, Devinder Crousley is an author, influencer, athlete, and pianist.

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Redfall is just over the horizon, so let’s check out the fourth and final character.

Revealed on IGN, Devinder "Dev" Crousley is a self-styled cryptid hunter who has spent years trying to prove the existence of hidden creatures. He has written two self-published books and funded ten expeditions to search for monsters, gaining a fanbase of internet followers. Dev is drawn to tales of America's hidden creatures and is brought to Redfall to promote his latest book, but becomes trapped there during a vampire takeover.

He must fend for himself while documenting the island's inhabitants, searching for a way off the island. Dev grew up in London, with a classical education, and attended New College in Oxford where he studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He enjoys playing rugby, dressing in a dapper manner, and playing the piano. Dev firmly believes that Bigfoot does not exist.

Wielding the Arc Javelin, he can spear enemies from a distance or surfaces to spark a hazard that zaps nearby enemies with lightning. Also, Dev is able to use Translocate by tossing out a device that allows teleportation for himself or allies. Lastly, his ultimate is called Blacklight — utilizing a camera rig, he spawns a burst of UV light that staggers humans and petrifies vampires.

The FPS, brought to you by Arkane Studios, launches on Xbox and PC on May 2.

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