A month and a half ago, Aeria Games introduced us to the classes available in their upcoming free to play MMORPG, Dragomon Hunter. Today we get to see the flip side of the game and take a look at some of the over 100 different Dragomon that players will be hunting, slaughtering, and trying to tame as mounts.

Take a look at just a few of the monsters you’ll be hunting:

  • Darkslate Reptilion – a tough Beastomon protected by plate-like scales and sharp spines. When attacked, it swipes its massive tail to ward off all foes in range.
  • Toxroach – an Insectomon with huge, gossamer-thin wings. Despite their agility, these wings pack a punch, so keep some distance!
  • Fungal Croaker – a Hydromon which bears a colorful mushroom on its back. But that’s not all – it has a serious bite, so keep away from its jaws.
  • Dracofowl – a Drakemon in the Viridian Forest, with ravishing plumage and a sparkling ruby on its head to dazzle its foes.
  • If you haven’t signed up for beta yet you can do so here. The Dragomon Hunter site also features 20 Dragomon that you can click on to see more details.

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    1. MrkHUN on September 11, 2015

      YAY we will be able to kill & enslave innocent creatures!

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        wait… wrong game…

    2. Todoran on September 11, 2015

      PEGI 4!

    3. your mom on September 10, 2015