Experience this Free-to-Play, Third-Person Multiplayer Shooter powered by Unreal Engine 3 before Everyone Else. Applicants are now being considered for the closed beta phase of the upcoming action-packed, third-person PC shooter, Mercenary Ops.

The first group of beta testers will be allowed in on June 20, 2012. During this beta test phase, players will be able to do battle in 6 different intense game modes and across a number of dynamic maps. Those that participate will get to experience the fast-paced action of the competitive online multiplayer matches along with the cooperative missions of up to 8 players against deadly hordes of AI controlled enemies and mini-bosses.

Mercenary Ops will be free to download and play at launch this summer. The game features an optional microtransaction system that allows players to unlock and customize their weapons and equipment through special upgrades; all of which can also be obtained through the game’s loot system.

Set in the near future when powerful corporations have led to the imminent downfall of humanity, Mercenary Ops pits deadly guns-for-hire against each other, as well as other hostile forces, in a struggle for wealth and survival. The game combines the tactical gameplay elements found in other third-person shooters with the fast-paced action of online multiplayer titles. Mercenary Ops puts an equal emphasis on competitive play and team-based cooperative missions, providing players with a truly action-packed and explosive experience.

For all those interested in participating, just “Like” Mercenary Ops on Facebook for your chance to obtain a closed beta key.  For more details visit http://mercenaryopsgame.com/.


  1. lol In Level Up games (Brazil)
    (MARS) is free to whoever wants, but only for Brazilians
    If international, Brazil IP blocks
    In the U.S., if we want to play we have to click the” like” with a chance of letting us play, which are few possibilities to happen. -. –
    If this is how the game” Transformers Universe” was to have begun in early 2012, then switched to summer changing again towards the end of 2012, turned to say which began at the beginning of the year 2013. We are already February and still nothing ..
    Is it worth waiting to play?
    I just hope Mercenary ops is not a waste of time too ..!!

  2. ok i really want to sign up for this game but u cant theres no sign up now theres only a limited things u can click on and not the whole site wtf

  3. dear god the graphics are high in this game too. if fps continue to get better graphic there won’t be any more of the good ol’ classic games

  4. i want in for 3 simple reasons….

    reason 1… help the devs fix bugs…

    reason 2… get a feel for the games basics…

    and last but not least reason 3…… i wanna smash some peoples faces >:) i wanna hear lil kids cry when i own them after just starting and they have played the whole beta <3 also i wanna run around doing some kinda random emote then screaming i took a arrow to the knee

  5. This game looks meh, in the world of F2P shooters I have played I am really hoping this one stands out from the rest. As for how the game looks, to me it has the look of a revamped graphical metal gear solid, or that of splinter cell mixed with uncharted.

    But as the guy in the first post mentioned, the storyline(who follows a story line in a shooter, more then you think)is over used, we need more horror line games, we need more games that will make you quit not because of the laggers but because you made such a big fucking shit in your pants that you need to change them, but no we are stuck with games like this.

  6. I dont know about u guys but it looks sick… its kinda like gears but its imo its got a nice style to it yea the graphics aint nice but then again playing a game for its graphics is like watching porn for the storyline! so yea damn straight im gunna try it..!

  7. Can..we stop with the big bad corporations? Like 45% of all FPS games have that crappy twist.. First, its just not going too happen..Second, I am tired of the same old story with a different paint over it.

    • Yeah totally agree
      Even if the plot is not really important in this kind of game, a different background would be appreciated. And it’s not even a good plot in the first place

    • I absolutely agree with you, same over and over story, however it’s not all that that makes me stop playing those games, it’s the fact that people who pay to play those free games get new weapons every week while free players gotta stand on with old weak weapons that even get to be ugly, as soon as I read the part that it says: “The game features an optional microtransaction system that allows players to unlock and customize their weapons and equipment through special upgrades; all of which can also be obtained through the game’s loot system.” I just keep hoping that it isn’t a scam, because if it is I won’t play any more F2P shooters in my PC.


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