BetaDwarf continues to roll out new information on the upcoming Minion Masters expansion Saving Jadespark Jungle. Today, they revealed two more cards, High Inquisitor Ardera and Brother of the Burning Fist. Both cards are Empyrean Minions, although Ardera is a ranged minion and a Legendary card. While she has significantly less health than Brother of the Burning Fist, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In some cases, Ardera’s death will be beneficial to players as she grants both Divine Shield and Rage to five nearby friendly minions when she dies.

The Brother of the Burning Fist comes with his own special ability — in addition to having significantly higher health and DPS rates. Brother’s ability is the Armor of Holy Fire, which sets the ground around him alight with Holy Fire when he takes damage. This Holy Fire does 100 damage to nearby enemies and heals friendly minions for 100 health.

High Inquisitor Ardera and Brother of the Burning Fist are the third and fourth cards revealed from the new expansion so far. There are still six more to go, according to the Minion Masters site — with two of them being fully revealed in a week. New skins will be revealed at the same time.

If you’d like to check out some of this new content before everyone else does, it’s worth noting that BetaDwarf is asking people to sign up for the PTR. As you’d expect, PTR access will give you a peek at upcoming content, and all you have to do is that whole feedback thing. Signups are available through the Google Doc form found here.

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