“You don’t like ArcheAge? So why don’t you make your own game and make it better, huh?”

“OK,” says David Wells, Community Manager for Das Tal, a buy-to-play PvP sandbox game currently in development. In a recent blog, Wells gives his impressions of both the good (mostly concept) and bad (mostly execution) of ArcheAge and how his game will, of course, be so much better. Some of the best tidbits:

Regarding Labor Points: “Is ArcheAge pushing to make a change in how crafting works in MMO’s? Or have they simply seen an opportunity to make more dollars and gone after it?”

Regarding combat: “The PvE in ArcheAge is barely worth mentioning, with dungeon scripting about as complex as you find in other MMO’s starter areas.”

Regarding communication: “I feel like the community has never been given any real attention, and the only interaction they have received was in the form of scripted apologies that followed any of the many screw ups.”

You’ve probably never heard of Das Tal before today, so the post is probably at least in part an attempt to generate publicity while criticizing a much-criticized, but better-known, member of the competition. Still, it’s hard to argue with a lot of his points. How much do you agree with Wells’ criticisms?

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Das Tal is a great game compared to ShitAge, I played during an Alpha test the other afternoon. I definitely agree, AA could’ve been better. B2P models I feel are 12121x better than F2P win shop games, keeps the children & and trolls filtered. Since the developers in DT are actually…*cough* developing the game, we can expect good updates. Of course, this is my opinion.

  2. Geez . Archeage is ok ok .. not so good but not so bad either .. the original korean server is pretty awesome. Trust me it is nothing like russia version or stupid Trion …In fact Trion destory the concept of archeage by normalizing the thing that they are not suppose to..didn’t hire enough people to fix bugs in time, and shitty management. Not even a single GM running around to watch over the game. And above all they turn it into their cash grabbing game. No matter what people say shit about the game, AA is actually new type of mmorpg on the market and there are still alot of people playing it. But sadly like i’ve mention above .. it is being ruin by Trion.

  3. The MMO genre is dying, they have not evolved from the times when they first came out. For the most part, they follow the same formula, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were simply playing the same game.

  4. archecrap is dead, quit long time ago, bugs, russian scammers and cheaters, no updates, useless dungeons(u cant find team to do them).. its a game for those who like to be peasant and play farmville and settlers online, grow carrots all the time then do trade runs over and over and dailies (like in every asian shet :-o~~~) nothing more, there is brainless pvp without reason also but its boring like growing shet, repetetive stuff all the time, there is almost no skill animation, read game forum to learn more about most crap game i ever played, there is no positive posts, boredom.

  5. Gtfo with ur b2p another crap like many, ppl not going to play thes piece of crap even for free, another brainless jew who think he can dig cash with cloned crap!

  6. Been following Das Tal a bit for the last 2-3 months. I like the devs, they seem to really take player feedback and ideas into consideration and the game looks promising. I’ve been watching them mostly on gameloop where users post ideas for the game and vote on those ideas, but i am sure they are as active and involved with the community on their forum. I know it’s a B2P game , but i am glad to see it mentioned here to, since it’s a game i am very much looking forward to.

    And about David Wells blog… he didn’t played the game like me for a few hours and quit. He actually seems to have a good amount of time in Archeage, so i trust he knows much more then i do. He makes some strong points, i cannot argue with any of them. And since he seems like he really knows what he is talking about, this only strengthens my hopes for Das Tal’s future.

  7. I wonder how Das Tal development is going, when I played it i had to stop after 40 or so minutes, i can’t stand games with slow movement.

  8. here we go again…. this guy has a Great vocabulary. says nice words and speaks what everyone already knows. in a capitalist world rely on words is … Kappa.


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