The first monthly episode for DC Universe Online is now live, bringing two new big chunks of content to Daybreak Game Company’s superhero MMO.

As we detailed last month, Update 15 brings an eight-person operation, the Bombshell Paradox, modeled after the WW2-era reimagining of DC’s most iconic female heroes and villains, and a duo adventure, Corrupted Zamaron, which continues the War of the Light storyline. The new styles, Indigo Tribe and Power Construct, will be wearable by both heroes and villains, which Sr. Creative Director Jens Andersen describes as “our first step in uniting all the styles across the factional lines.”

You can read Andersen’s letter introducing the new content on the DCUO website. Update 15 is free to members and just $4 to non-members.


  1. Is anyone else Fuckin’ sick of the lanterns yet? Seriously, jesus christ I swear it’s always war of the light, war of the light, war of the light..there’s tons of DC comics they could draw from but nope..more lanterns because more lanterns.


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