Despite some early issues, Icelandic developer Solid Clouds is pleased with how the recent open beta for its free-to-play MMORTS Starborne went. So pleased, in fact, that in lieu of a traditional infographic in jpg or gif form, Solid Clouds has created a brief video that highlights some statistics from the beta.

To wit, in the three weeks of open beta across eight servers, there were 76,295 space stations built, 99,409 outposts created, and 7,245 alliances formed — which sounds like a rather low number considering the first two, making me think that would-be space jockeys aren’t playing nice with each other as much as they could. I guess it’s every man, woman, or alien to themselves.

Starborne uses a hex-based map, and there were a lot of them to claim. Each map contains over 822,000 hexes, which would come to about 6.5 million across eight servers. The fact that only 1,346,349 actually were claimed in the beta means that there’s still a lot more open space out there, so, really, can’t we all just play nice with each other?

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  1. This is a very good game I do play each day even with its time walls.
    Would be nicer if they implement inner games to keep players time online more busy than waiting on time gaps through travel and buildings.


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