Monster-Hunting Game Chimeraland Launches On Steam, But It's Been A Tad Rocky To Say The Least

The free-to-play, open-world title focuses on capturing and cross-breeding critters.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Chimeraland Launch

Here we go. Fans of the whole creature-collecting genre can now hop into Pixel Soft’s open-world game Chimeraland right now. The game officially launched on Steam, bringing with it a wide variety of creatures for players to obtain – all while building their own space in the game’s world. It is open-world, so that means things like gathering resources, crafting, building, doing a bit of research into tech...all those things.

It might be a good idea to hop into the game with measured expectations, however. According to a report on MassivelyOP, reviews of the game so far are less than stellar. (Right now, it sits at a 45% mixed review status, so it’s not the worst ever, but it seems it might need help.) Negative reviews seem to focus on performance, which is fair enough. General complaints include lag and errors among other things.

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rjc523 1 year ago
so what normal for new launch games and reviewed by dumbasses or gamers? lol

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