Multiverse MOBA Madness: DC Universe Infinite Crisis Announced

Multiverse MOBA Madness: DC Universe Infinite Crisis Announced

In a trailer that features a pudge-esque Joker and Batman from Hell we get our first glimpse at Turbine’s upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis. The game has multiple universes of DC Universe super-heroes teaming up with other super-heroes and super-villains of the same multitude and diversity in an attempt to save the Multiverse. In total there are new characters inspired by 52 worlds alternative worlds, including post-apocalyptic and Steampunk landscapes.

In terms of actual gameplay, we aren’t given many details other than the fact players will be able to use the environment as a weapon. According to the game info posted on Infinite Crisis’ website, new paths can be made to create advantages for your teammates or obstacles for your foes. I wonder if we can expect that to work like a more robust version of the Dota tree system, which allows players to cut down trees with abilities or items in order to create new paths. Players can also expect to see cars thrown and meteors called down on themselves and their foes as they brawl through iconic DC locales.

As if dealing with the usual blend of mayhem you get when throwing 10 super-hero/villains in one condensed area wasn’t enough, players can also expect catastrophic events to occur during the match which will further alter the map geography. It must be a Monday.

The official release isn’t until sometime this fall, but you can sign up for the beta now on the official Infinite Crisis site here.


  1. wow I was like its just another rmoba but when I saw that like the buildings around the spells and stuff break and get broken can make a lot of strategy point would be awesome if this moba or other moba’s could implement it some how

  2. Well looks better than Marvel Heroes online . But I think DC Universe Online will be prefered over this game. I can’t say I have mixed feelings .

  3. So many mobas -.-
    DCUO moba well i will probably try it but wont expect much cause i am getting tired of getting dissapointed

    • I thought someone was playing a prank on me. So many MOBA announcements o.0

      There is also a Magicka MOBA coming out as well. I didn’t post the news about that one because I don’t think it will be F2P.


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