The week back from E3 seems to be filled with the sights and sounds of fresh closed betas beginning. Webzen has added another beta to the pile in the form of Archlord 2’s first closed beta test which officially began today. A full list of available servers can be found below and include both NA and EU regions along with French and German.

* North American servers, one for East Coast (Arahan) and one for West Coast (Willow)
* European English server (Locan)
* French server (Chimera)
* German server (Ishgar)

During the closed beta players may progress up to level 30 (the current Korean level cap is 45) and may side with one of two factions, although both only have access to one race each. Like its predecessor, Archlord 2 is primarily focused on large scale PvP where 200vs200 battles ensure players on both sides can clash into a sea of low frame rates and stuttering slideshows.

The MMO uses a weapon-based system for classifying roles by allowing players to equip a specific weapon in order to gain access to a variety of skills unique to that archetype. From there, a players proficiency with one type of weaponry can open up new skills.

Webzen hasn’t stated how long the closed beta will last, but you can of course expect all cbt progress to not carry over.

You may find out more info here.

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  1. 15 Minutes playing until Delete/Uninstall
    It’s absolutely BAD, outdated and boring game!
    Btw there are few players/population for all servers ( thousands of beta keys in every single mmo site).
    So…next Webzen.

  2. I really, really don’t know what is happing to the Game Developers/Publishers, because 2 years have passed and none of the NEW F2P games, have made a game changer in MMO’s since TERA and AION. BnS, ArchAge, Black Desert, The Division, are big Studios, but why small studios are loosing time with such crap games and gameplay, they should evolve and keep up with the demands of the market, even if its free. I tested Archlord 2, and got really disapointed ….It’s a rushed developed game, no evolution, not up2date market standard … these small studios are flood the market with crappy games for what ? …..

  3. Game runs on Crap Engine . its not even worth to test it . Movement is just amazingly CRAP . 0,5/10. That 0,5 is for their effort

  4. Omg what a piece of shit. This game is from 2005 or so??? Graphics omg worst i have seen in a loooonnnggg… Time. Gamplay Asian Grind Shit…. Why this Asian Crackheads cant stop putting out such crap games ??? Are there so many stupid retards out there they play shit like this??? And pay money for such bullshit??? This world gonna die soon i can tell you ive there are idiots like this on this planet.

  5. very unimpressed graphic wise and gameplay wise I think it has a lot of contentand the animations seem to be done very well but other than that it’s not very unique and it’s very slow gameplay style your first ten levels will take about 3 hours and you won’t feel that much more powerful the slow progression wouldn’t be that bad if they gave you some better and goals to look forward to all and all I’ll probably play for a while through closed beta but I won’t be coming back afterwards they’re just far more impressive games to play such as Tera Online and dragon prophet offer much more content customizability and much more impressive combat play

  6. Outdated graphics (I am “gameplay over graphics” person myself) but this one doesn’t feel right at all.
    You gather everything with knife (or sword) no matter what it is (Plant, Ore or Ether). Squared UI with cartoonish text (they could used another for theme or something). Quests are alright, but nothing “new” and exciting. Dungeon run was kinda fun for me, with pick-a-chest rewards in the end and rank system. Tried PvP too in some place where you teleport, feels bad, like you’re in chains, or sword-arm of you character is slightly paralyzed. But after Swordsman (I’m not comparing them), it feels nice and cozy 🙂 Wish the game all the best, maybe gonna try when it’s released. And it will have playerbase for sure.

  7. I loved the first Archlord and now i’m loving this one, obviously there’s a lot of work to do, side quests, dungeons, rewards that still be polished and yet the game is giving us so much already, lets give it a try during this CB.

  8. I was impressed by this game.Although I skipped the tutorial and so forth I completely understood the controls after messing around for a few seconds. Character creation wise is very basic, the graphics are just slightly above average and very clean. Armor designs are cool aswell. Negatives are (maybe just because no-one wants to play healer) as usual tank and dps are the main choices when picking your class. This makes dungeon making troublesome as then you must either queue for half an hour or make your own party with friends. So with that being said please make healer more appealing. Alot of kill enemy quests, not enough gathering. Escort missions are slightly buggy/please put them as an npc party member instead of an npc you cant keep track of following you. If you jump on a rock you lose aggro from melee/sometimes ranged because they cant reach you. Still. TRY IT! So fun. Played 3 hours straight and didn’t stop because I wanted to but because It was getting late.

  9. I was extremely unimpressed just by the first few minutes of the game. It literally drops you in with no direction and a crap tutorial, leaving you to wander around, talk to NPCs, and pick up several “kill 5 Xs” quests to do. Repeatedly. Sometimes you can gather random stuff, if you’re lucky.

    I got really fed up with the mediocrity barely a few levels in. I’ve played dumb anime-themed MMOs that toss more variety at me for a first impression than this.

    • It’s supposed to be heavily PvP-focused. PvE is there mostly as a background, an introduction to the main part of the game and an easier way to get experience and gear. You probably expected another PvE solo game (just like hundreds of other MMORPGs), that’s why you’ve been disappointed.

      PvE in this game is indeed nothing special. There is no need for it to be groundbreaking as long as PvP portion is good. The only question is how many truly PvP-minded MMORPG players are there (outside of Asia and Russia) and are they going to be enough to make this game a success.

      • compared to terra online pvp I think this still lacks in any aspect what so ever is a tab targeting pvp srry but their are 1000’s of other titles doing the same pvp style a lot even doing same art style this game is so out dated its not even funny

        • It’s not exactly the same as others. At least there weren’t any NEW games with this kind of PvP for more than 5 years. Yes, the main concept behind it is pretty old. But what’s “eww it’s outdated” for some is “oldschool! awesome!” for others. It’s graphics aren’t too impressive as well, but it also meanst that it can run on older PCs and render lots of players in massive PvP battles.

          I’m not saying Archlord 2 is great or anything, but I think it’s good enough at what it does. It is most certainly going to be a niche game since majority of PvPers prefer MOBAs to MMORPGs now. But this doesn’t make it a bad game.

          • Well the best PvP in a game ive ever seen is Dragon Nest, its unique comboing system is great and deserves much more attention that it currently has.


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