H1Z1 2

If any game could be dead and then rise from the grave, it should be a zombie game, right? That might be the case with Just Survive, the original survival-game form of H1Z1, which was split off from the battle royale, never left early access, and was shuttered last year. And now, it might be making a comeback! Are you hyped?

NantG’s Anthony Castoro, a.k.a. CastoroGamer, posted to the H1Z1 official forums yesterday to fill fans in on recent developments. Simply put, NantG, which is a joint venture between Daybreak Game Company and NantMobile, has the rights to H1Z1 (the battle royale) and its PC counterpart, Z1 Battle Royale, and not Just Survive (the survival game).

NantG has been negotiating with Daybreak since last October, however, “to incorporate Just Survive into Z1 Battle Royale,” Castoro stated. He hopes that things will “conclude shortly,” saying that “The success of our March 6th update will be pivotal in reuniting Just Survive with Z1 Battle Royale.”

On the one hand, it’s hard to see how NantG could succeed with Just Survive when it failed to gain enough traction to break out of the survival game cluster following its early access launch all the way back in 2015. On the other hand, who’s ready for a four-year-old game to go into early access? Probably all those Star Wars: Galaxies fans, who can’t wait to “come home.”


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