Lineage 2 (3)

NCSoft is taking two of its longest-running and most successful MMOs to a new audience later this fall, when it brings Lineage II and Aion to Steam.

Both games have a Steam page (here’s Aion’s and here’s Lineage II’s), with a nebulous “FALL 2015” listed as the release date. They’re the first two NCSoft games to make an appearance on Valve’s distribution platform.

Though there’s no official press release we can find, we do have a quote from NCSoft West VP of Commerce Jeff Pabst that’s making the rounds:

“Bringing Lineage II and Aion to Steam was a natural next step for both titles to further grow their prominence in the West. Both Lineage II and Aion have dedicated fan-bases, and we’re excited to work with Steam to enable even more players to experience these heritage titles.”

Both games have been available in North America for quite a while (as evidenced by Pabst calling them “heritage titles”), so it’s uncertain how much good a Steam release will do them, but it can’t hurt. Think you’ll be more interested in these two games once they’re on Steam?

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  1. Aion was an amazing game before it went f2p, it was innovative and the pvp was extremely addictive, but the patches and expansions didn’t bring anything new and it was a big turn off. As for L2… a lot of L2 veterans didn’t like GoD and quickly left to private servers. Nonetheless, great game ,somewhat p2w just like Aion when it went f2p.

    I don’t L2 will gain more playerbase, the odds of you starting freshy now and expecting to play competitively among the top guilds is almost impossible. The amount of grind and RNG you have to go through its immense. I’d say you are by far better off playing Archeage; yes, it is that bad.

    • I’d have to agree with you 100%. Aion before f2p was fresh and the PvP was extremely addictive. Aion doesn’t have anything now that sets it apart so much that will grab a player and hook them on the game. If the player actually does make it to level 65, it’s just like you said, the amount of grind and RNG is ridiculous to even be considered a candidate for either PvE or PvP.

  2. Aion is dying. Kahrun had a total of 550 TOTAL players during peak including bots. Those who play Aion are the ones who EB 24/7, to keep their x form, for the amazing sieges…right? Open world PvP is dead except when rifts pop for Rentus, but lets do the notorious grind for GP and AP so we can be masters of T-Dredge and Idgel Dome. Endgame PvE is composed of 1 instance, DDHM. There is no incentive for playing Aion. Get PvP gear to play in instanced PvP arenas that open up at certain times? Then what? Duel in Sanctum? Get the best PvE gear for what? So you can run the same endgame instance 1 time a week, unless you buy reset scrolls. No thanks. With the release of Blade n Soul, I do believe Aion will surely die. Except for the people who have to run EB or die.

  3. Is this a different Aion from the one on Steam a long time ago? Because the Aion Collector’s Edition is still in my library, has been for years.

    • Grzeds fools. Sell it. Ditch it. Bring it back when it does good. And people stupid enough to slide credit cards. Mmors saddest gamers on planet XD


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