NCSoft Holds Events To Commemorate Master X Master’s Last Week


Master X Master, NCSoft’s aborted attempt to enter the MOBA biz, is shutting down one week from today, Jan. 31, at 2 p.m. PST. But it’s not going away quietly, with a couple of events going on to thank the game’s fans and provide them with a few final good memories.

On Jan. 27, the Farewell Community Tournament will take place, starting at 4:00 PST. Anyone is eligible to join, so long as they sign up on the tournament’s website by tomorrow, Jan. 25, at 9 p.m. PST. Prizes include T-shirts, pins, and posters.

Then, on the final day of the game’s life, NCSoft will host a party starting at noon PST and going until the game shuts down two hours later. Players can congregate on the Dredgion to “dance to some of our favorite songs, get some Bumaro emote-trains rolling, and enjoy a final few matches.” Hey, it’s a better official sendoff than City of Heroes, Tabula Rasa, and Auto Assault ever received.

Learn more about MXM’s final days on the website.


  1. WHY? I thought the game would bottleneck the other MoOBA, tho Hyper Universe came and slice the cheese cake of the other too, I wonder if they should move the Wildstar (come on close it already) team to MxM.

  2. I’ve played loads of mobas and have been a big fan of ncsoft games but never got to try it out.
    To be fair I don’t get all these games getting developed and after a few months after launch it gets shut down again. I mean why spend the time and money into making a game and have such terrible launches. I blame betas for all these flops, I still remember the days where open betas would run for weeks sometimes even months and even without great advertisement that way a game could get a lot of players in cause who doesn’t want to try out a game before it gets out without having to buy anything…

    nowadays you get games that have close betas or even open betas that only last for a weekend and it might be just me a regular gamer but i’m not gonna install a game that’s around 15-30GB to play it for 2 days max, it is not worth the hassle.
    Or the games that spend years in early access where people spend loads of money in on a game that’s not even finished and some games never even will be finished. It’s mind boggling where the online pc game scene is turning into with these trash games on the market


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