Since its July 7 relaunch, Evolve Stage 2 has been the best kind of free-to-play game: the kind without a cash shop. That changes today, but Turtle Rock Studios is doing everything it can to make sure the transition is as painless as possible for players.

Evolve players in the United States can now use real money to purchase Gold Keys, which players can use to unlock the various hunters, monsters, and skins in the game. Turtle Rock is taking things slowly, only implementing Gold Keys in the U.S., with plans to roll them out into other territories if things go well.

As the studio’s co-founders put it, they want to make sure they’re not “drinking from a firehose” with their first foray into microtransactions. Also, there’s the usual line of “no pay-to-win bullshit.” Silver Keys, Evolve’s in-game currency for unlocking items, remain unchanged.

You can read all about the new Evolve cash shop in a blog on the game’s site. As these things go, I think it seems like a pretty good implementation; Turtle Rock is up front about the need for profitability, and the incremental rollout should help make things run smoothly with any irritations being relatively small and localized.

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  1. They said for a long time the F2P was gonna have a cash shop. It’s a business, they aren’t here to let you play their games for free, they’re here to make MONEY.

  2. Well we all know this was coming somepoint they claim to be free 2 play without cash shops then later we see cash shops lol but devs who do this or who already did this only see hate from the community when they pull or already pulled this stunt.

    • They never did this.

      They always said there would be gold keys when they where ready to implement them. They have been saying that since before Evolve even went F2P.

    • They’ve been very clear that microtransactions were indeed coming ever since they went free-to-play.

      It’s good to see that they’re being cautious about it and rolling it out slowly.

    • I’ve never played games developed by this company so I wouldn’t know. But I’ve seen companies who weren’t cautious and did stupid stunts with cash shops and micro currency so it’s why I posted what I did above.


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