Bless Online isn’t going offline, but its developer is. The Neowiz Bless Studio, tasked with the singular goal of making and maintaining Bless will be going away later this year, being absorbed into its parent company Neowiz.

The details come from MMOCulture, which states that the change will happen on June 19 and is being made to “enhance management efficiency” and “enhance corporate value.” Another team inside the Neowiz Bless Studio, Round 8, is working on the console-bound Bless Unleashed, but there’s no word as to what its fate will be.

Considering how poorly Bless has done in other regions, it’s not much of a surprise to see that it’s struggling in this one as well. The game currently has just a 40% positive rating overall on Steam, 36% for recent reviews. It’s enough to make you wonder how long it will be available at all — and if it does go under, do you think Neowiz will blame the players for not playing it right again?



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