Eight years of fighting of demons, dragons, and more is quite an achievement — one that generally warrants celebration. So, it’s probably a good thing that Neverwinter‘s The Protector’s Jubilee event exists. Once again, players can celebrate not having orcs destroy civilization with a series of activities such as delivering messages to Harper agents, defending the Protector’s speech, and escorting traders and merchants. In exchange, they’ll be rewarded with a collection of goodies.

Among the rewards are a new throne with a Feywild theme, new fashion sets, a Cyclops War Drummer Companion, a vanity pet, and more. The more pretty much consists of returning rewards. There are five different thrones, three mounts, three fashion sets, and a collection of items from the Protector’s Bounty. So, if you missed out on previous anniversary events, this is a good time to collect those past items.

The Protector’s Jubilee begins today and will run through June 24. So, you’ll want to get going if you want to grab all those rewards.


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