The Neverwinter team is pretty excited about the story behind the Lost City of Omu. And they seem to think players might be too, so today they posted a brief summary for it. Of course, players who haven’t completed Tomb of Annihilation might want to skip over their post as it’s spoilerific. But of course, that’s totally up to you.

We’re not going to try to rehash the entire narrative here since obviously the devs have already put a good bit of work into that for us, so if you do want the full flavor text, you’ll have to hit up the post on the game site. That said, we can hit a few of the high points for you.

If you’ve competed Tomb of Annihilation, then you’ll find the way to the Lost City of Omu has been revealed, thanks to Celeste’s vision. The path leads to a base camp established by the Order of the Gauntlet at the edge of the city.

Once there players will run into a variety of NPC characters that will help them in their quest — one is an aarokocra looking to restore the royal family of Omu.

As one might expect with any game that has dungeons and (or) dragons related to it, there will be a bit of underground exploration in this city — and of course some scary things to fight in the process.

Essentially, it sounds pretty much like something you’d expect from the Neverwinter universe. So players should be excited to get in there and experience the story in full.

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