As part of their quest to end Strahd’s rule in Barovia, Neverwinter players will find themselves tasked with hunting the creatures that terrify the region’s citizens.

Hunting these creatures won’t be easy — and we’re talking about more than just the part where you try to kill them. Before even heading out on the hunt, players will need to confer with the resident oracle for a card reading that will offer clues as to the creatures’ locations.

The first monster players will be hunting is Direfang — an undead direwolf — and once the oracle has provided them with the clues they need to find him, the hunt will be underway. When it is, players will find that they and their party are the only ones around. Even the villager NPCs have gone into hiding.

Once the hunt is complete, players will be rewarded with Tarokka Cards that they can collect and use in future hunts in order to increase both the difficulty and rewards.

Upon successfully completing hunts, players will be given the opportunity to take on more hunts with higher risks and rewards.

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