The Neverwinter team dropped a new dev blog today and… well… I’m just gonna let you know before I report on it.

(Potential) “Spoilers, Sweetie.”

So, the new dev blog covers what happens after players thwart Trobriand’s plans and close up the portals into the Undermountain. Arcturia and Trobriand have retreated to Halaster’s dungeon. But we all know that you can’t let bad guys regroup. So, of course, someone’s gotta go after them. (Guess who that is…)

In The Lair of the Mad Mage, players will head to Halaster’s dungeon and face off against Arcturia and Trobriand. The dungeon won’t be one of those straight shot things. It’s pretty much something inspired by an M. C. Escher sketch — only filled with all sorts of creatures and traps intended to stop the adventurers.

There’s also an obvious elemental theme going on here — firey areas with stone dragons, giant ice-y worms — you know the drill.

To enter this dungeon, players will have to have reached level 80 and completed the Undermountain campaign.

If you’d like to read the developer post, you can find it on the game’s site.

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