Neverwinter green dragon

We first received confirmation that Neverwinter would be heading to Xbox One seven months ago. If you’ve been anxious to try it out, your wait is almost up!

Perfect World Entertainment today announced that Neverwinter would be playable on the Xbox One March 31, following a two-month beta. All content from the PC game will be available, including the Tyranny of Dragons expansion and all currently available classes.

As with all Xbox “free” games, you’ll still need a Gold Xbox Live account to play Neverwinter. Otherwise, the experience should be remarkable similar to the PC version, with “console features including friends list integration and optimized controls to easily transition the MMORPG experience from PC to console,” according to the press release.


  1. The game isn’t outright terrible, but it isn’t that good either. They’re less focused on making dungeons fun and closing exploits in the dungeons, and more focused on putting out new races, packs, and pets/companions that they can charge an arm and a leg for. They can put out a new class once every 3 – 4 months, but you ask them to design a single pet, which they can milk you for money just to even upgrade even AFTER you bought it, and hoo boy, they can fart those out real quick.

    Not to mention that the Dragonborn let you pick whatever +2 stats you want, have +3% on Crit and Power, AND have either +5% healing, or +3% healing and health points if you have the Metallic Ancestry. They are, without a doubt, the best of the races, bar none, and it’s almost insulting to have to pay $75, plus whatever amount of feeds you had to pay to get the metallic ancestry from lock boxes just to get the “best character”.


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