Perfect World Entertainment released the latest gameplay trailer for Neverwinter, the upcoming free to play MMORPG based on the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

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  1. I know this is a completely different area of the Realms than those involving Drizzt, but I’m making a dark elven ranger ASAP!!!!

    • youtube.xxxxxxxxcom/watch?v=ei0OWnUsHCU&feature=player_embedded#!

      thats a link to actual gameplay of the game, it has a lot more dodging in combat then WoW has. This is it seams an industry standard, most of the upcoming MMOs has a lot of dodging.

      Just remove the Xs from the link, im sorry for bypassing the protection but i posted 4 valid links and none of them ever got approved.

  2. well, the Neverwinter series is well known for quality, I’m not really sure they’re headed in the right direction for a F2P… doesn’t that kind of gimp the ability to make a quality game? Anyways, a game comeing out or currently in Beta that is great, would normally show more actual gameplay in their Trailer. Me – being a fan of NVN and the entire series is a little worried but excited at the same time

    • No, F2P doesn’t gimp production value. The sheer flood of free to play games is forcing developers to up their game if they want to be spotted. I don’t know if you played Warface, RaiderZ, Ghost Recon Online or noticed the upcoming Warframe, PlanetSide 2 or C&C Generals 2. These may not be your cup of tee but they do not breed poor production value, they reek of quality. Even the very hated Star Wars is (almost entirely) turning to F2P which is still, i believe, the MMO with the largest financial investment to date.

      Sure 99% of F2P MMOs are crap, but then again, 99% of P2P games in general are crap.

      My gut tells me Neverwinter will be a sweet game.

      • I’m Sorry But you should have left RaiderZ out of that. RaiderZ imo isn’t very fun, is slow paced, and lacks content to keep people playing from what i’ve played. The only Quality to it is it has some great graphics for a F2P model then again its PW so they have money to spare. Of corse the level was capped at 30 at the time so thats not exactly endgame but i’ll stick to my overall opinion still… the game just isnt fun.

          • Indeed, i haven’t found Raiderz to be very fun either, the problem i had with it is that it took overly standard approach to questing and mob placement and basically everything else except the combat (and loot) is a standard MMO. I’m not sure what i was expecting but i just wanted something more sandboxy. But you still can’t deny the quality of it, the character animation, the music and sound design, graphics, everything seams quite polished.

            The actual endgame is always something they can work on, it doesn’t really reflect the amount of money that was thrown at the project. I haven’t played it but i believe Star Wars is also on bad reputation for the lack of end game content.

            But yeah, at the time of writing i was thinking over if i should put the game in the list :). Ended up including it because in the end, it isn’t a bad game and will certainly find a lot of very faithful players, despite mine or your opinion.

  3. Gameplay Trailer?
    Quote’s the Miz : Really,Really,Really,Really…lol
    Sorry but the first half of that video showed me i can raise my arm a few time’s.
    Last half looked more like. Theatrical cut scene’s.

    Should be named ” New Trailer ”



  4. I nead god damned beta key….Kinda veteran of Dungeons & Dragons games-planeescape/baldurse gate/nevervinter-i love this world.


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