Neverwinter’s Dragonslayer Trailer and Update Introduces Fantastical Dragons For June’s Update

Dragons are taking over and bringing many unique species to the game.

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Neverwinter's Dragonslayer

Neverwinter’s 23rd module, Dragonslayer, will launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox this June. Inspired by Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, the newest update will introduce a brand-new Dragon Hunt system, bringing new battles, lairs, challenges, and rewards to Neverwinter. This update will also include a complete revamp of Neverwinter’s Dragons that will make them more epic and challenging than ever before. Players can also look forward to a major content update for the D&D fan-favorite “Temple of Tiamat” Trials as this new version will have new mechanics along with Normal and Master difficulty options for an added challenge.

The new Dragon Hunt system will allow players to become one of Smeriduk Dragonbone’s mighty dragonslayers to counterattack dragons in their very lairs. The new system adds a lot of unique dragons to the game like the icy White Dragons to cunning Black Dragons. All will be of different ages (Young, Adult, Ancient) with each dragon type presenting its own unique set of challenges to overcome, lairs to explore, and rewards to acquire. The upcoming update will also bring a complete revamp of Neverwinter’s dragons giving these deadly creatures all-new attacks, spells, and the ability to take to the skies. Longtime veteran players and new players alike can look forward to the new challenges of Dragonslayer.

Additional details regarding the update along with the new Dragon Hunt system will be released leading up to the launch of Neverwinter: Dragonslayer this June. If you would like to learn more about Neverwinter, be sure to read up on the new module on the official site.

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