Elemental Evil

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have a lot on their plate for Neverwinter in 2015, and today’s press release details the highlights players can look forward to in 2015.

Neverwinter: Elemental Evil will be the next module for the MMORPG, sending heroes up against the classic Dungeons & Dragons module as they do battle with the villainous Cults of Elemental Evil. Also on the schedule for 2015 are a new character class, the paladin, which focuses on tanking and healing, and strongholds, the Neverwinter version of player housing. And, of course, the Neverwinter closed beta for Xbox One also looms upon the horizon.

If “Elemental Evil” sounds familiar, it’s because you might remember similar content being announced for Turbine’s Dungeons & Dragons Online a few weeks ago. It turns out that 2015 is the year of Elemental Evil across all D&D products, with the original pen-and-paper version also paying homage with a new heap o’ content (from which we got this article’s header image). WizKids Games is bundling in-game items for Neverwinter with its Temple of Elemental Evil board game.

It’s a neat approach and one that a big license like D&D can probably pull off pretty well. Now, if only they could re-issue a working version of that old Atari PC Temple of Elemental Evil game


  1. about freaking finally, the paladin on neverwinter online, cant hardly wait for that class, definatly a reason to come back after months of non playing xD

    • When you open your wallet up, the game becomes SUPER fun–until you close your wallet again.


      • really did you ever hit max cap? after you hit lvl cap is is very easy to get gear and diamonds just by doing dungeons and
        gear that you dont need , playing game for a year now i didnt pay noting and i still have fun , you just need to spend some time to get everything you need! this is not classic casual mmorpg -.- so stop trolling around

        • really did you ever grind your life away? after you grind your life away is is very easy to get gear and diamonds just by grinding your life away, playing the game for a year now i didnt pay noting and i still grind my life away, you just need to grind your life away to get everything you need! this is not classic mmorpg -.- so stop grinding your life away and grind your life away some more!

  2. Crap game because classes are very similar just with different skill animation, mage is pure useless crap, he is not ranged, he fight melee , skill upgrading is super complicatedm, u need weeks of seatrching in web tio fing how to build right, also itsaq another generic asian mmo, with ugly faces baloon like mobs and naked kids.


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