Neverwinter, the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons based MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment, is just about ready to take the next step towards their much advertised Xbox One release. Currently, the Closed Beta is scheduled to start on February 5th and run until February 8th.

While the console version of Neverwinter will tie into your Xbox Live friend’s list instead of the PC version’s in-game friend’s list, the console version will not be cross platform. Cryptic Studios has significantly overhauled the game’s UI though to facilitate playing with a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard combination. This change removes the pop-up windows from the game’s core menus, and instead replaces those windows with a panel of commands at the bottom of the screen.

While Neverwinter will be free-to-play on the Xbox One, it is important to note that an Xbox Live Gold membership ($59.99 USD annually if purchased from Microsoft, though 12 month membership cards can be found for less from other retailers) will be required to play.

You can sign up for the console beta test here.

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  1. im starting to get the feeling us pc gamers or starting to be used to just help develop games for console now so menny games that keep coming out then you find out o it may launch on Xbox one or ps4 then your like how in the world am i going to talk to someone ho most of witch have no keyboard i have even quit doing betas now days that and all the Company that want to charge you to get into there betas now i have never will i never pay to be in a beta because software has not been fixed all the way and can mess your pc they shad be paying us

  2. Yes..soon too the Xbox players will get to grind for hours upon hours and still fall behind those who drop money for in-game diamonds to buy the best gear. Game of the year. 10/10. Best game, best game.


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