Round three — or rather, Milestone III — of Neverwinter‘s Redeemed Citadel is now live, as part of the Avernus multi-part module. In this update, you’ll continue to assist Zariel in “restoring power to the once Bleeding Citadel in the Nine Hells.” That doesn’t sound like something heroes would do, but Zariel is apparently a good guy and the Bleeding Citadel is a “bastion of angelic strength in the Nine Hells.” Talk about being out of your element.

The new content also comes with a leaderboard and server progress goal, so you can work with other players to see how well you’re all doing. If you reach your goal, you’ll be able to summon Zariel or Huntmaster Soradiel as a Companion. There’s also a new hunt mark, new chamber, and new heroic encounter, the Fallen Angel.

For their efforts, players can earn a new vanity pet, fashion piece, and an FX transmute, Floating Eyeballs. Really, what’s the point of storming Hell and fighting devil-spawns monstrosities if you can’t come out of it all with a few floating eyeballs?

Learn more about the new milestone and campaign on the Neverwinter site. You can also check out the patch notes for today’s update here.


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