Chimeraland, a new cross-platform MMO, is headed to PC and mobile devices sometime in the near future. In fact, the game is close enough that developer Proxima Beta is taking applications for the first round of closed beta testing.

The first CBT will be fairly restricted, allowing entry to only iOS and Android players in Canada and the Philippines. In addition, the actual amount of players being allowed in is also pretty restricted — to 5000 slots for each region. Still, if you’re someone who’s big on the whole critter taming and collecting thing, Chimeraland may be something you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Set in 4th Century BC, Chimeraland is inspired by The Classic of Mountains and Seas, a classic Chinese text. It features a wide variety of mythical animals that players can tame and customize (through a process that might seem a bit familiar to old Viva Pinata fans). Having one creature consume another results in new, modified creatures. Players will also be able to do things like hunt, fish, farm, and build homes. Where else are you going to keep all these animals? While no payment model has been announced, there will likely be some free-to-play component to the game considering it is on mobile devices.

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