New Content Comes To Aerhen, Mage Staves Get Upgrades, And City Raids Return In Fractured Online

"Some new, some returning, and some requested quality-of-life updates!"

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Fractured Online June 16 Patch

Dynamight Studios has revealed its latest patch for open-world MMO Fractured Online, rolling out new content on the Aerhen continent, upgrading Mage Staves, and returning city raids to the game.

Aerhen is finally getting some love and attention from the devs. They've introduced its most central location, Dawn Island, which is available now for players to explore. The location is brimming with shiny Crystal Elementals that players can acquire and learn the following brand-new abilities: "Crystalline Skin, Crystalline Touch, Crystal Shackles, [and] Primal Storm." Also, Dynamight fixed the Sulphurite and Platinum nodes on Aerhen and made it easier to explore and identify roads and cliffs thanks to the updated minimap.

Mage Staves have visually and mechanically been updated, with all versions - except for Primitive Staff - carrying unique properties and new visual and sound effects. Staves such as the Energy Staff have an attribute that boosts Cooldown Reduction by 15%, and another example is Acid Staff's +10 Corrosion stacks per hit. The change to Staves will help support the previous patch that focused on making Mage characters "more competitive in the PvP and PvE end-game."

City vs. city raids are back in action today, allowing neighboring or distant cities on the same continent to launch attacks. Whoever is successful will be awarded gold and food equal to what's required to raise the losing city from its previous rank to its current one. But if the losing city has enough resources in its treasury, the amount will be subtracted. De-rankings only happen if they don't meet the equal exchange for losing.

You can learn more information about the June 16 patch on the Fractured Online website blog.

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