When your game is 12 years old, has been through multiple payment models, and has more currencies than you can shake a staff at, it’s understandable that mistakes will be made. Such appears to be the case with some vendors in The Lord of the Rings Online that popped up with the launch of the Minas Morgul expansion and are requiring players to spend raid-level currency to get gear … that you need to do the raids.

The level cap was just raised to 130, but the barters for level 120 gear require embers, an endgame currency that can also be obtained in loot boxes. This led to rumblings on the forums of “pay-to-win,” especially since the oddity was apparently pointed out during the beta.

Don’t worry, though, it was all a misunderstanding! That’s the official response from LotRO Community Manager Cordovan, who called it “a bug we will have to fix in the near future.” The level 120 vendors should require motes, which are reasonably easy to acquire via on-level gameplay, not the harder-to-get embers. Now if only he’d say that legendary weapons were a mistake and are also going to be replaced …


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