It’s time once again for football — or “soccer” to some of us — in Crossout. Last year’s Steel Championship is back, letting wasteland warriors knock a ball around, either with their vehicles or by means of a harpoon, in 3v3 matches until July 22.

There’s also a new map in play, with several places to score goals — if your “goal” is to knock your opponent into a bottomless pit (which it really should be). The Ravagers Foothold map is dominated by three deep shafts spanned by bridges that “are a place of fierce battles,” according to the press release.

This patch also introduces a number of changes to the Terminal-45 map, the Engineers faction, clan battles, various parts, and sound effects. Gaijin has also tweaked the area around the Garage, including what is assuredly the most important patch note ever: “Increased puddle depth.”

Learn more about Steel Championship and Ravagers Foothold and the rest of the recent update (for PC and Xbox One) on the Crossout site.


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