New Path Of Exile Events Coming Before Launch Of Next Delayed Expansion

Experience the game with just gold coins in the Ruthless with Gold event.

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Ahead of Path of Exile's next expansion, launching early April, the developers are filling the gap between now and then with new events (both on PC and console).

The "Ruthless with Gold" event will run from March 8 to April 4. It plays on an idea the developers had over a decade ago: “What would Path of Exile have been like if we had just gone with gold coins?” This is a trade-enabled, non-hardcore event that lets players experience a slightly easier version of Ruthless. Monsters and chests drop Gold Coins, which can be used to buy items from vendors — their prices have been replaced by Gold Coins, too.

Those who reach Level 45 in Ruthless with Gold will earn one guaranteed Sanctum Mystery Box per account. There’s also microtransaction prizes that are randomly drawn when certain level thresholds are reached. Having multiple characters increases these chances.

Additionally, the Sanctum League is being extended until April 4. Each week, starting the second week, there will be a special type of event happening — which all fall under Asynchronous Group SSF, because groups get as many shots as needed. A Private League can freely be created for each, then played with friends to achieve the best time. Prizes awarded are exclusive trophy states to be displayed in players’ hideouts.

The second week is Friendly Fire Group SSF, which runs from March 14 to 21. Friendly Fire is enabled and players can only deal damage when near two other players. This event requires teamwork.

The third week is Krangled Passives Group SSF, which runs from March 21 to 28. Each player’s Passive Skill Tree and all their Ascendancy Trees are scrambled within the categories the skills fall in. Also, all players have the same trees and only properties of passive or Ascendancy skills that are adjacent to ones allocated may be seen.

The fourth week is "Polarity" Group SSF, which runs from March 28 to April 4. Both monsters and players have "polarity" that is randomly allocated between two values. Players are only able to harm monsters that have the same polarity. Additionally, rare and unique monsters swap polarity at low health. Therefore, groups of at least two are necessary to perform efficiently.

For more information on these events, check out the official Path of Exile forum thread.

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