Trove’s alpha appears to be making great progress as Trion Worlds has just released a new Dev Diary highlighting the many creations spawned by the sandbox MMORPG’s budding community. These creations range from simple voxel hats and weapons, to full sized biomes as seen in the recently introduced Dragonfire Peaks, a new lava-filled zone developed out of community submitted suggestions over the course of several months.

While zones like Dragonfire Peaks represent a collaborative effort between the community and Trion, the studio has given players the tools to create their own fully procedural dungeons on their own. According to Andrew Krausnick, Creative Lead on Trove “players can put down traps, where monsters and quests go…all sorts of things.” Once created, players may then submit the dungeon to Trion were Trion will then add the dungeon in for everyone to enjoy.

“When you’re developing a video game it really means a lot to you, and we want it to mean that much to everybody that plays,” says Art Lead Brian Clarke. He goes on to say “we’re giving players the opportunity to help make the game” and stresses that it’s “very easy to make stuff for Trove.” Indeed, within the short 2 minute video I counted several impressive dungeons and even a full-scale U.S.S Enterprise.

Players can signup for a chance at scoring access to Trove’s ongoing Alpha or they can elect to purchase one of Trove’s many early supporter packs. Alpha access begins at the $20 dollar price point and escalates from there up to an exorbitant $2,500 “Voxel Savant” pack, which comes with the opportunity to help the dev team envision a new biome.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


    • It shows how great the community involvement is with the game. Most games you just play and you wait for the devs to complete all the content. But here you have a community that can create their own content within the game and submit it to the devs for the rest of the community to enjoy and its expanding the game and allowing community to influence what is in the game how and it forms.

      Players always go on about how they wish there were mods allowed for games all this and they could make their own stuff to use in the game. Well TADA, a game where the devs allow you to do that and actually contribute YOUR ideas and creations to the game. If that’s a bad thing, I don’t know whats good anymore.

      • I know how player made content works and this is by far not the first game that has it. I never said it is a bad thing, it is often a good thing indeed. Still if players are building a lot of stuff, doesn´t mean the devs are actually doin anything..the game itself could (COULD!) be in the exact same state as it was, let´s say 6 months ago and still players could be building lots of stuff..

  1. its a shame Wol_lay won’t hire people to work for him so he can get cubeworld out faster.

    Now I’m going to have to deal with people saying “trove knock off” eventually when its quite clear trove is ripping off cubeworld

  2. whats wrong with these big companies??? they cant create any new idea, no matter they have best designers, programers, engineers, PR….
    ….and now they showing us crafting, exploring, resource gathering and skill points as something new and completely different as we saw already….
    ….while they spending efforts on copy of copy, devs from Terraria, Stabound, Unturned are richer and richer every day….. and they just cant solve how thats possiblle….

    • It’s because big companies suck! only ones i like are riot and grinding gear games and that 16 year old of unturned. Obvious reasons

  3. Why do companys keep making these simple blocky boring games in this age of next-gen graphic engines… Sorry not going back in time… and Trion is garbage.

    • LOL are you kidding me child? “next gen graphics” dont mean crap.. its idiots like you that make me sick

      all bethesda games have nice graphics and blow so much ass its so fkin funny “omygosh skyrim is so pretty” yet its story is boring and predictable.

      watch dogs… yea wish i never pre ordered that clearly gta ripoff

      bioshock infinite was a massive fail.

      yea because graphics make a game… you fucking morinic piece of shit..

      drink bleach please and just die

      • Even if Cube World was shutdown, they still copied that game… It’s a couple who worked hard on that game, it was gonna be a huge game until big companies like fucking Trion comes out with the same exact game with a few more features to steal the success that Cube World could’ve had… that ripoff being called Trove.

        • I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY TROVE WAS MADE. its 100x better then cube FAIL and im soo glad they screwed those 2 scam artists over… those losers ran off with thousands of $ of peoples fkin shiz and you want to defend them? no life loser.

          • Hahah, at least those ” 2 scam artists ” are trying to make a living out of something they both enjoy to work for. You’re retarded if you think that Trove is 100x better than Cube World. On Cube World you have to pay once to play and all the content is actually free, you don’t need to pay any other amount to be good or anything like that. on the other hand, Trove is published by a big company that focuses on making money instead of content and quality compared to the two devs at Picroma.

            ” Those losers ran off with thousands of $ ” –

            Let me tell you something, at least the people at Picroma which is a small company can actually use that money to hire few people to work with them on Cube World and make it a better and completely free game compared to Trove which is published by a company focused on making money instead of bringing good quality content.

            FYI, if someone is a no life loser it’s obviously you, fan boy. You’re supporting a huge company focused on money instead of quality content instead of two devs trying to make a living of what they ENJOY to do instead of doing it for the money.

            You’re calling the people at Picroma ” scam artists ” but they’re far from it.. and actually they’re trying to do something with their life compared to you.. You probably don’t realize how much effort, time and sleepless nights it takes to create a game like Cube World especially since it’s only a few people working on it. I’d like to see you accomplish something better than what they have… Which won’t happen, that’s a sure thing.

      • Even if Cube World was shutdown, they still copied that game… It’s a couple who worked hard on that game, it was gonna be a huge game until big companies like Trion comes out with the same exact game with a few more features to steal the success that Cube World could’ve had… that ripoff being called Trove.

        • Wat? The devs for Cubeworld took pre-order money and RAN. The game has received maybe a couple bug fixes since alpha started.
          Trion isn’t doing anything wrong with picking up the pieces of all the dreams the cubeworld devs shattered.

          …though they’ll screw it up too because it’s Trion, and their games are awful.

          • They never ran away with the pre-order money. I don’t think you understand how much work and time it takes to fix bugs and create new content for that type of game especially with ONLY TWO PEOPLE working on the project.

            If you’re actually smart enough to follow them on the medias, their website and things like that, you’ll see that they keep us updated on what they’re doing every few months… Keep in mind that it’s not a company with over 500 employees so the work isn’t completed in short time periods like it would be with a big gaming company.

          • LOL trion isnt even deving the game moron

            and btw they ran with the fucking money dont give me that “its only 2 people” BULLSHIT

            notch the current best indie dev (till someone passes him) was a ONE man team made big updates and formed a WHOLE BUSINESS.

            updates didnt take a fucking year

        • Cube world is finally getting a Quest System Upgrade and comparing a AAA game to a Indie game is completely ridiculous. Plus you have over 100 people working on Trove and only a measle two on Cube World.

    • Firstly Trion are not pay to win. Secondly its different to cube world, featuring the building side and a mix in with quests and boss battles. Cube world is slowly dying and this is unique but will raise a larger community.

      • >”trion are not pay to win”

        Then why are you able to pay for a 2500$ package for Trove.

        You are wrong. Rift is pay to win. You have a side equipment which requires rift shards to give stats. Open cash shop chest after chest to make a better one.

        Defiance is turning free to play. The game itself, going through this transition, is getting worse. Now in defiance, numbers don’t matter anymore(you’ll understand when you SMG is giving 60,000 over DPS without seeing the enemies’ healthbar dropping a pixel). You have to pay your way endlessly just to get ahead of the game because things get harder everytime a person joins the sandbox game near you.

        Archeage is not developed by Trion though, it has founders packs to get pots to win the game. You get gliders early in game. That’s like having a horse in ESO but you have to pay 15$ more instead of grinding gold for a priced horse. That’s pay to win.

        • HAHAHAHAH do you hear yourself…. Please say you are american omfg lol this is to rich..

          there is a 2500$ pack that barely gives you ANYTHING to benifit your actual character. all it gives you is Expanded inventory, expanded homeworld(this doesnt help you since ur default is huge anyways and its only to make buildings and such) and an extra cornerstone (kinda useless really when you only need one ._.)

          and ofc the ingame cash shop money (which is kinda useless aswell ._. since most things tho not all can be bought with gold which is just time consuming to get but not impossible)

          so how is that P2W??

          rift is p2w but yea thats a first game i dont count that as a deal breaker 😛

          and i own the highest tier in archeage… biggest prob with archeage is the f2p assholes being WAY to over entitled… like no joke they are whining 24/7
          also you get a free mount at lvl 10 and i forget when u get a free glider but its not to long after that so getting one “early” isnt really counted because you getr stuff like that within ur first 3-5 hours.

          so if thats pay to win then your retarded.

        • You sir, are an idiot. Just because there’s a pack available does not make it a P2W. Do you even understand the definition of a pay 2 win? Blacklight: Retribution can be considered pay 2 win (though still not as bad as Neverwinter) because you can buy, with real money, weapons that have better stats than what is initially given as free.

          Neverwinter is another one and a huge one at that. They allow you to buy end-game max level gear with real money instead of having to buy it.

          One thing you have to realize is that Pay 2 Win only really applies when there is a PvP aspect to the game. For instance Warframe. Too many people call that a Pay 2 Win yet the only people you fight are AI computers. Now they did add PvP elements to the game but if memory serves they balanced it to where the weapons are at default stats (never touched the PvP aspect so I can’t say for certain).

          Also in Archeage you get the glider as well as a mount WAY early into the game. By lvl 15 (which is a stones throw away from the beginning of the game) you would have acquired both. That is NOT pay to win.

          Even if it took you a while to get your mount and glider that wouldn’t be considered pay 2 win but more pay 2 luxury. The only way I would consider it being even slightly pay 2 win is if the fastest mount/glider was only available by paying for it.

          • >rift is p2w but yea thats a first game i dont count that as a deal breaker

            You can eat all your words up.

            >Blacklight Retribution. Neverwinter. Warframe.
            You are offtopic already. If you pay for something just to get better in a game. Or paying just to get a title. That’s still paying for something.

            Still pay to win. The devs have to get something out of the game. There will always be a Pay to win aspect. You are avoiding the resources chest, and potions coming together with the bundle which strenghtens your equipment

            What about Rift and Defiance? Your starting statement already diminishes the impression that you actually know anything, Time to stop the smack talk little kid. Whatever you think doesn’t immediately means it is true

          • 6 Daru Chests(Lockboxes with special items)
            10 Evenstones(Breakdown equipment for magical crafting ingredients)
            90-Day Patron Status(assuming reduction of crafting/harvesting time)
            Experimental Glider is slower than a Glass pheonix glider
            Credits( buy more pots and chests, costumes like any other mmo)

            Why are you defending Trion when you don’t even work there?


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