New World Could Take A Step In The Right Direction With Repeatable Soul Trials

But will it be too late.

Troy Blackburn
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New World Repeatable Soul Trials

New World is struggling for endgame content, that much is clear. PvP can only carry your game for so long, especially when things like OPR only feature one map that hasn't been updated for quite some time. PvE players have been bereft of anything significant to do other than continually rerun expedition mutations. One small step toward curing what ails New World could be repeatable Soul Trials, instances that were introduced to give players a solo boss fight tied in with the storyline. Up until now, these Soul Trials are not repeatable, but in today's episode of Forged in Aeternum, the devs tease that could be changing in the future. In fact, AI Combat Designer Krishna Thiruvengadam says we will definitely be seeing that feature in the future.

Now if we could just get them to do things like update the rewards for the Sandwurm Trial and introduce more maps to OPR, New World might be able to shake the downward trend its playerbase has been on since the release of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. More content is needed for PvE, and more variety is needed for PvP, but Season 5 looks to bring none of that, and it could be Season 7 before we see anything significant in that department.

The latest episode of Forged in Aeternum is up and you can watch it below in which they talk about when narrative meets combat and how designing the game combines both.

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