New World FAQ Answers Your Questions About The New Season Pass Feature

It's almost time to grind out those Season Pass rewards.

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New World season reward track

New World has released an FAQ regarding its upcoming addition of a Season Pass to the game. Season 1, Fellowship & Fire, is scheduled to go live next Tuesday, March 28th with the battle pass included.

Once a season is complete, the content will no longer be available as a new season and rewards will begin according to the FAQ. New seasons will contain Seasonal Trials, new seasonal events, the seasonal trinket, additional stories, and new Season Passes. The Season Pass premium track can only be purchased via the in-game store with Marks of Fortune. There is also a free track on the Seasonal Pass available to everyone.

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You can level the Season Pass for free, then go back and purchase the Premium Track, at which time you'll be given all Premium Track rewards you have unlocked up to the level you have obtained. Individual levels can be purchased for 1,000 Marks of Fortune each, which is pretty typical in these types of passes.

Although you will no longer be able to level a pass and gain new rewards after a season has ended in New World, you can still go back and claim rewards you obtained until the end of the next season. Rewards can be claimed once per Region, but progress will not transfer if you switch Regions mid-season.

Season Pass progress can be made through passive progression from activities such as gypsum cast crafting, expedition boss kills, Outpost Rush, PvP arenas, War, Invasions, PvP kills, Corruption Breaches, quests, faction missions, aptitude levels, Trials, and earning character experience in the MMORPG.

Check out the latest episode of Forged In Aeternum below, where the devs talk all about seasons, and head over to the official FAQ to find out all you need to know about Seasons in New World.

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Flintstone 11 months ago
I'll kick it on again for the 4th time.
1st in the hype, I really enjoyed it, but, after a mth or more the game started hemorrhaging players with no calculus' s, it became pointless game to play, for me anyway.

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