It may sound like a cliche by now, but Nexon is once again touting its latest financial quarter as a “record.” This time, the company is touting “Record Q2 Revenue,” totaling 64.5 million Japanese yen (JPY), or about $610 million. The strategy? “Delivering fewer but bigger games onto fast-growing platforms like mobile.”

The usual suspects, like MapleStory and Dungeon&Fighter, are called out as strong performers, as well as new mobile title KartRider+. Over 50% of the company’s revenue came from Korea, up from 48% last quarter, while China drops from 40% to 30%. The mobile proportion is also up, from 21% in Q1 to 30% in Q2.

North America and Europe actually fared pretty well, following four straight quarters of decline, which Nexon attributed to “Better-than-expected revenues driven by MapleStory and Choices.” The other parts of the world, not covered by the above regions plus Japan, also had their best quarter ever, thanks to “stronger-than-expected performances of KartRider Rush+ and MapleStory.”

Nexon has also apparently entered into a pair of joint ventures with Wonder Holdings “to focus on the successful development and launches of KartRider: Drift as well as MABINOGI MOBILE.” Drift has been getting beta-tested this summer, and will probably launch before the end of the year. No games are specifically mentioned for future release in NA and Europe, other than mobile KartRider Rush+, so we’ll still have to wait to see what Embark Studios is up to. But hey, at least we’ve got V4 to watch play, right?


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