It’s another “record-breaking quarter” for Nexon, which will entertain final bids for a controlling share of the company in just five days. We wouldn’t think that the company would boast too much about having a big quarter in its financial statement just before that happens to try and drive up the price … but then again, well …

After a big Q4 2018, things kept going on an upward trajectory for Nexon in Q1 2019. On a year-over-year basis, the original MapleStory was up 69% in Korea, which is pretty nice for an older game.

That said, China was the dominant sector of the world for Nexon, accounting for 62% of its overall revenue for the quarter. That’s attributed to a strong performance from Dungeon&Fighter, which enjoyed a Lunar New Year event that raised the level cap and more than tripled its revenue from Q4. Western sales were more flat, with a slight decrease in North America and a solid uptick in European numbers.

For the future, Nexon expects most of its growth to come from “Korea and others” in Q2, while North America is scheduled to receive new games in the form of OVERHIT, Magia, SINoALICE, and Durango: Wild Lands. That last one is a survival MMORPG with dinosaurs on mobile that actually looks sort of neat, while SINoALICE is described as “a fairy tale-themed smartphone video game,” directed by the man behind the NieR series of games.

No matter what your tastes — or who winds up owning the company — Nexon seems to have something for you in its pipeline. You can check out the financial statement for yourself on the Nexon Investor Relations page.



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