Nexon revealed its Q2 2019 financial report earlier today, and it was billed as yet another record-breaking quarter for the company, whose revenue was driven by “Solid Performance of Major Franchises.” Revenue for the quarter totaled 53.9 billion Japanese yen (about $508 million) and were “at the high-end of our outlook,” up 13% from the previous year’s Q2.

That money was roughly split between China (39%) and Korea (36%), with Japan (9%), North America (7%) and Europe/others (9%) making up the rest, while the PC gaming share of revenue was 71%. Last quarter, China accounted for 62% of revenue — boosted by Dungeon&Fighter’s strong performance, which was not repeated in Q2 — and 83% of revenue came from PC games.

Dungeon&Fighter’s drop resulted in a revenue total for Q2 that was well beneath Q1’s — 53.9 billion yen versus 93.1 billion yen — but it was still the biggest, and hence “record-breaking,” Q2 on record for the company. Nexon said that the results “demonstrated Nexon’s thesis that good live operations can make games grow over the long time frames while they may fluctuate in the short term.” Overall, revenue for the first six months of 2019 are up 6.2% over revenue for the same period in 2018.

That trend may not continue for the rest of the year. Nexon predicts greater revenue for Q3 2019 than in Q2, but the strong performance of Q3 2018 should still put the current year behind the previous. Overall 2019 operating income and net income are also expected to lag behind 2018’s numbers through three quarters. “Expect year-over-year decrease,” or a similarly worded version of it, headlines the outlooks for each region. Oh, the perils of having a good quarter!

You can check out Nexon’s Q2 2019 financial statement here.


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