Nexon Financials

Earlier in the week, we learned about NCSoft’s pretty good financial picture as of the end of 2014, and today it was Nexon’s turn.

First, the good news: Q4 evenues in China and Korea were up substantially year-over-year, with growth of 36% and 52%, respectively. Overall revenue was up 42.9 billion yen — about $360 million — in Q4, a year-over-year increase of 25%.

Outside of China and Korea, things aren’t as bright. Japan is singled out as a sore spot, with the “right strategy, but not executed well enough” — which reads like the leadership was just fine, it was just those pesky employees who screwed everything up, please don’t fire us, we’re executives!

And if you need any notion of what Nexon’s investment in the West is like, this one chart should tell you everything you need to know:

Nexon Revenues

That said, Nexon did announce “year-over-year revenue growth from key PC titles, MapleStory, Mabinogi, and Vindictus, supported by improved operations and marketing” in North America, Europe, and other Western regions.

Nexon remains optimistic about 2015, though, with several games scheduled to launch in the coming year, billed as the “richest pipeline in Nexon’s history.”

Nexon 2015Q1

You can read the full financial report here.

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  1. Mabi is dying, and I have a sentimental attachment to it… I believe in the game and I love the company. I will happily support them for years on end…

  2. There would be way more players from europe if they would handle servers, pings and client patcher. right now it’s worse then playing on koreans server using vpn.

  3. The strong areas are the ones with most updated games and betas going for new ones, this is pretty obvious in my eyes that they are doing poor in NA since they have shut down 2 games with a very strong, albeit minor in contrast to their flagships, following in the past couple years. That kind of makes people lose faith in a company when they take your cash for something then remove it from existence entirely. They need to redeem themselves with a solid product. They still do way better than the majority of free to play devs/publishers in all markets though.

  4. I wanted play Dirty Bomb and Vindictus but IP Block all time ,I’m not interested what their projects! I know Nexon what they shit!

  5. Seeing as how f2p games only get their good source of income from the same players who love the game lets take a look at potential reasons why na isn’t doing so good

    -maplestory is not a pvp game, so having a bunch of pay 2 win content and hard to defeat bosses unless you shell out large amounts of money is a good reason as to why you arent making money
    -maplestory thats pretty much what everyone goes to maplestory for or talk about. Nobody really cares for the other games, thats most likely due to there being a bunch of content that isn’t released for this region while other continents are 3 years ahead of us in terms of updates
    -nexon breaks more promises than a old lady has back problems
    -the nexon staff doesn’t really interact with players.

  6. I never played Maplestory cause I thought it was super ugly, yet I do want to try the MS2 that is currently in BETA in Korea, but that wont get here for a long time… Pretty much their own fault if they fail over here (Europe and NA) I would like to spend money on MS2 even tho its not out yet maybe buy a founders pack… but Nexon (europe and AN) seems to be too busy scratching their asses to get anywhere….

  7. The way is see it, there is lack of content. It takes forever for us to get a new MMO, and most of the times there are disappointments like ArcheAge. We get old shitty games rereleased over and over again. There isn’t a descent new MMOFPS or an Anime MMO, not even a descent Fantasy one either. We have to either wait or play the same old boring games, that’s why Nexon’s revenue is low, same goes with other companies as well.

    One of my favorite MMOFPS games is Alliance of Valiant Arms, but the aeria version is so devastated by the cash shop, it’s not even worth it. I paid the price of having 200 Ping on the Brazilian server, but it’s totally worth it, it’s not P2W at all… so far.

  8. Maybe if Nexon NA wasn’t left to die, things would be better. Way late patches/content , constant cash grabs versus KR release of content, and a lack of any interesting games to be released.

    Back in the past, Nexon NA was doing well. Maplestory was popular (still is, just much less so), Mabinogi was a treat for a less linear MMO…but somewhere along the line they got lazy or greedy. They put less support into their games, and ramped their cash shops up with RNG boxes of hell. They took games that had significant backing, and pulled the biggest offensives you can with free-to-play titles.

    If you’re going to have lack luster control over your game, yet sell RNG related items with low chances and high price…Of course you’re doomed to fail.

    • So true! Especially the cash grab part. Nexon NA/EU is run by incompetent people that only know how to run the cash shop. Did they really expect to turn a major profit once the whales move on to better games? Heck, one of the major titles that’s being developed, Tree of Savior won’t even last before private servers pop up for it since Nexon NA is that incompetent.

  9. Well i see how many games have eu/jp 9 games some of them good some of them bad.Nexon kr have 3x more and lots of mobiles games to.No wonder they are financialy strong.

  10. What do they expect ?

    Asian developed games always have the most up to date content and patches they are perfectly translated and fit exactly into the asian culture.

    They then release so called betas in other countrys that never really catch up to the asian patches and are never really fully translated properly with all culture and jokes / foul language considered. Every country will have there own version of the game with there own cash shops and different content unless its some kind of global launch then its just a laggy nightmare for every one.

    So like i said what do they expect…. Im not speaking about nexon in specific just take your pick.

    On a side note, one thing the asian developers get right imo is that they realize there players will be playing these games for years to come so yes they put in a heavy grind, and that doesnt sit to well with the average joe who wants everything now now now.

    • Of course their F2P drivel doesn’t sit well with us because we have vastly better games available to us that are far less demanding of our time and money. Grinding is for poor people that don’t have any better gaming options (i.e., the main demographic in Asian countries excluding Japan) and idiots that don’t value their time.

          • Or you know, maybe they have a lot of free time and play the game when they can??? Just because they don’t use their time like how you think they should doesn’t mean that they don’t value their time, maybe grinding for them is valuing their time.

          • You people seem to be oblivious to the concept of grinding here. Doing repetitive tasks long after the entertainment value has faded away just to unlock some trinket is known as “grinding”. Not to be confused with “rewarding”, which is when the gameplay stays intrinsically fun the whole time and unlocks merely add to it without being the your primary focus.
            If you’re getting bored while grinding due to a compulsion to unlock things (Most F2P games use Skinner Box tactics to condition your mind to do this because it is the laziest way to create a sustainable business model.), then your time is obviously of little value to you. You’re pissing away your time on a fruitless endeavor and you’re not even having fun while doing it, only feeding an addiction. Time is money. It is a finite resource. If you want to do tedious and boring work, you might as well spend that time getting a real job and receive compensation for it. Hence why grinding is for idiots. It isn’t rocket science.

      • Probably could’ve worded that a little nicer but yeah man I agree with you. Of course theres those people that just prefer mmos over other games.

        As for me, ye too poor to afford games or a better gaming rig so I just play mmos. And yeah, MMOs are such a time sink compared to those 8 hours cinematic expeirence of singleplayer games.

        And yeah, I can list 50 games off the top of my head that are better than any MMO.


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