Nexon has begun the process of eliminating MapleStory‘s Free Market. Originally designed to be the go-to place for players to sell their goods, the market has suffered the scourge of scammers, gold farmers, and the like. So the company has elected to eliminate the feature, encouraging players to use the auction house instead.

Rather than simply turning off the Market, Nexon is shutting it down bit-by-bit. The process started at the end of January with the removal of the Mushroom House Elf, Granny’s Food Stand, the Store Remote Controller, and the Regular Store Permit. Items set to be removed throughout the rest of the month are as follows:

Items Removed on Feb. 14:

  • Mushroom House Elf (14-day duration)

Items Removed on Feb. 21:

  • Mushroom House Elf (7-day duration)
  • Mushroom House Elf (1-day duration)
  • Cashier: Teddy Bear Clerk (7-day duration)
  • Cashier: Teddy Bear Clerk (1-day duration)
  • Robot Stand (7-day duration)
  • Robot Stand (1-day duration)
  • The Robot Stand (1-day duration)
  • Homely Coffeehouse (7-day duration)
  • Homely Coffeehouse (1-day duration)
  • Granny’s Food Stand (7-day duration)
  • Granny’s Food Stand (1-day duration)
  • Tiki Torch Store (7-day duration)
  • Tiki Torch Store (1-day duration)

Items Removed on Feb. 28:

  • Meso Minerva Owl (currently sold in NPC shops)

Players who hired merchants or purchased items from the Marvel Machine will need to use them before their listed removal dates. Players who have 90-day duration items that were supposed to expire after the Market shutdown date will receive compensation.

More information on the shutdown, compensation, and anything else you need to know regarding the process is available in the announcement on the MapleStory site.

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