Nexon Reveals Early Access Details for Ghost In The Shell Online

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Early Access for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online is on its way. Nexon revealed the Early Access Pack that will be available for the free-to-play first-person shooter via a press announcement today, and it appears they have something for every budget.

In total, there are four packs available, ranging in cost between $5 and $30.

  • Recruit Early Access Pack - $4.99 (Value: $5.99)
    • Beta access
    • Exclusive MP-V5A Rare Tachikoma Weapon Skin
    • Available on Steam and the Nexon Launcher
  • Operative Early Access Pack - $9.99 (Value: $19.99)
    • Same content as Recruit pack
    • Exclusive M4A1 Rare Tachikoma Weapon Skin
    • 2 100,000GP coupons (in-game currency)
    • Available exclusively on Steam
  • Specialist Early Access Pack - $14.99 (Value: $35.98)
    • Same content as Operative pack
    • 1 character unlock coupon
    • Exclusive L118A-S1B Rare Tachikoma Weapon Skin
    • Available exclusively on Steam
  • Elite Early Access Pack - $29.99 (Value: $83.94)
    • Same content as Specialist pack
    • 1 character unlock coupon (total of 2)
    • Exclusive Motoko Rare Character Skin
    • 2 500,000GP coupons* (800,000 more than Operative and Specialist packs)
    • Available on Steam and the Nexon Launcher

Note that two of these packs are Steam only offerings. Additional details can be found on the game’s official site.

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Discussion (8)

LAMBDA471 8 years ago
I can't wait for Monday 14th. I wonder how long will the Early Access last... hopefully they will merge it with OBT or official release. I also hope that the game officially releases in December 2015, just like it says on the Steam page.

BanBonBop 8 years ago
Seeing how the game is still in baby steps, but I will say one thing the pricing on the founder packs are pretty decent compared to many many other games who are only going for as low as $19.99+ I do hope they do not do things like Nexon always does with their FPS games which is Tempo weapons and other junk.

Ruler of the Omniverse 8 years ago
Too bad the game itself plays like the usual F2P FPS, like Combat Arms of something. It even reminded me of F.E.A.R. Online a bit. The theme and visuals were okay, maps felt small. Like, very small. The weapons/attachment felt like the usual 'The more expensive guns you have, the easier it'll be to kill others' kind of thing (I would say P2W, but I don't know anything about the monetization system yet).

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Night 8 years ago
whats with the packs; god dam it nexon. Do not rid this game for us ghost in the shell fans!

hartias 8 years ago
yeah that i want to know, because i play in the CBT and i dong gonna pay for a incomplete free to play game.

Eyedan 8 years ago
Do people that were in CBT have to buy there way in?

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