Tango 5 Reloaded: Grid Action Heroes is the newest title from Nexon and developer Studio One, and it heads into open beta on Steam next Thursday, July 19. It’s a 4v4 tactical, grid-based game, broadly similar to Trion Worlds’ Atlas Reactor, but with one important difference: Gameplay takes place in real time, instead of being turn-based.

That’s a major feature of T5R, in which matches consist of three fast-paced games, each with a 120-second time limit. The object is to capture points on the battlefield, using each characters’ individual special abilities, as well as coordinating attacks with your teammates to eliminate the opposition.

You can check out Tango 5 Reloaded’s Steam page here, and give the game a go for yourself next week. Oh, and it won’t be pay-to-win either, that’s a promise laid out in the description.


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