Nexon Q4 2016 Financials

While it’s never quite as entertaining as NCSoft’s financial report, Nexon releases its numbers around the same time every year — in this case, today.

Overall revenues are slightly down, both on a year-over-year basis from Q4 2015 to Q4 2016, and comparing 2015 to 2016 as a whole. As usual, China and Korea make up the bulk (78%) of the company’s revenue, with the rest being split between Japan, North America, and “Europe and others.”

Maybe the biggest difference from the Q3 numbers is that the portion of Nexon’s sales on mobile devices continues to rise. They’re up from 22% to 28%, and mobile titles account for three of the four pages of screenshots showing off the company’s games — along with that Titanfall game they’re working on for the Asian market.

The outlook for North America and Europe is also not that bright, with revenue expected to decrease up to 20% YoY in Q1 2017 in NA and low single digits to low teens in Europe. The company did launch a mobile game called Evil Factory in February and has plans for a mobile version of Dynasty Warriors later in the quarter. Oh, and LawBreakers is one of “multiple titles” scheduled for launch in 2017.

One other note that might be of interest to Western gamers: MapleStory 2 is listed as being a launch title for 2017 in China, two years after its Korean launch. Maybe that means we’ll see it in the West in another two years? Or maybe it’ll be Phantasy Star Online 2 … part 2.


  1. Mobile games are like going back to old arcade game era, most if not all, are just crappy shabby dressed up splash screen games. The mugs are their because they the mobile phone users have got their bank accounts attached to their phones, and just willy nilly click away their cash, oblivious to what they just just bought! The game co’s see this stupidity and are just exploding games onto the market to grab the high levels of peoples ignorance for their bank accounts! Its like the kick starter rush mindless acts of just buying something that they not even going to get to play as its never going to be completed. but in Mobile era, TODAY the game co’s are only making mass mobile games because yet again the users are just as stupid anyway.

    • Every word you said is true which is why I avoid mobile MMOS and mostly play them on the PC if I bother with them but I try to stay with a single one since i don’t wanna keep hopping all over with many MMO accounts.

    • I tried not to laugh reading this. I read your post then for a 2nd time and almost choked. So hard to read this wall of bullcrap. You hardly make sense sometimes.


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