The upcoming SOE Live convention (think Blizzcon but Sony) is set to go live starting tomorrow, August 1st. Four full days of panels, reveals, cosplay and Q/A are all on lined up for attendees at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since SOE Live is essentially a convention all about Free-to-Play games, it’s of course right up our alley and something MMOBomb must attend. Seriously, I’d be embarrassed if we didn’t. So you can be sure I (Spunkify) will be there snapping photos and covering the reveal of Everquest Next, SOE’s latest and greatest iteration of the popular EQ franchise.

For those unfamiliar with Everquest Next, I don’t blame you. SOE has been very hush hush about the MMO. It was originally announced back in 2010, but underwent a redevelopment period last year in order to promote emergent gameplay in a sandbox environment. The engine itself is the very same engine used to power Planetside 2, although without all the lasers.

The reveal is scheduled for Friday starting at 12:00pm PST and will be simultaneously broadcasted on On Saturday, SOE will be conducting several panels to discuss the classes, lore, world and what avenues players will have to express their creativity in EQ Next.

What are you hoping to see from Everquest Next?

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  1. excited on August 2, 2013

    From everquest being my first mmo I ever played I am really excited to see this :L

  2. Spider0804 on August 1, 2013

    “emergent gameplay in a sandbox environment”

    Is this the game comparable to Star Wars Galaxies that I have been waiting for!?!??!!

  3. stlazn on July 31, 2013

    so they mean a new everquest 3 or the other 2??

  4. DinoLove on July 31, 2013

    Im confused. I seen Next-Gen. We talking Consoles? or Next-Gen gaming?

  5. Braxtor on July 31, 2013

    Hoping for a new taste of it.

  6. NobleNerd on July 31, 2013

    I expect Smedley will rant on and on about this dream world he hopes will be created in EQ Next, but in the end it will be determined about what actually launches. I for 1 do not hold much hope in SOE.

  7. removalmitt on July 31, 2013

    Not limited ftp hopefully.
    Not dumbed down like GW2 (i.e anyone could pick up the game and not really need to learn anything because it’s so simplified even down to the attack skills you have).
    Not quick and not linear levelling (unless there is plenty of endgame content / not saying I want a hardcore grind)

  8. Chillman on July 31, 2013

    Mounted 🙂