Sorry for the late word but I just wanted to let everyone know that a personal situation prevented us from recording a new Free to play Weekly for this week. Our reporter is relocating to a new state and we should be back on September 10. We love you all and hate to leave you hanging without your weekly show and you know we wouldn’t be dropping an episode over any casual matter.

Until then, we’ll be serving up the usual assortment of news, giveaways, first look videos, features, and much more. Also check our new video “Free-to-play Games Gone Wild“, nothing in the world could prepare you for this. Thanks for your continued support.

Stay explosive!


    • yeah man i agree i do the same thing except i come on everyday to look for somthing new but still that is gonna be hard to do without the free to play weekly please mmobomb hurry up

  1. Don’t worry guys…we can manage till September the 10th…the first free to play weekly episode after 10th of september better be a special edittion 😀


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