After three years of service in North America, Nexon announced they would be closing the North American server for Dungeon Fighter Online. The arcade-style beat’em up is set to close on June 13th, with players unable to purchase anything in the game’s cash shop after April 11th.

In what reads as a fairly sincere post on the game’s website, Nexon’s American CEO Min Kim broke the news to players personally and mentioned that despite the game being immensely popular overseas, DFO struggled to gain popularity in North America.

Nexon also promised to compensate players who purchased unused and partially-used permanent and durational items within the past six months The dollar valus is correlated with the time of purchase, the status of the item, etc. You can find more information regarding the compensation along with the full announcement here.

Were you a fan of DFO? What game do you think fans of DFO will turn to now for their arcade-style beat’em fix? Let us know.

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  1. I loved this game! Sad that NA nexon had to ruin it. In all honesty NA nexon are a bunch of lazy staff. Only NA nexon! Because Jp nexon and Kr nexon are hardworkers even Ch nexon! As you can see how far their games are still running. I knew DFO NA is bond to go shutdown due to 1. Lack of comunication / help / feedbacks. Exp: nexon GM: when my account ( with payed items ) suddenly got banned randomly.. I applied for a ticket and told my side of the story. It took them couple of weeks to reply.. And when finally replying they wrote only they cant do anything about it. ( right in your face type of word ) so i made a new account just because this game is fun… 2: there is a GM but is never present at the game at all?? As in neevverr!! Due to low security in the game it is overwhelmed with hackers! No matter how much you report them!! They dont get banned.. No events at all! As in it will have events but not very big. Also it will have events and after that it will have about 2-4 weeks of boring no events.. ( always in maintance but never fix any problem. A big problem which is lagg ) so its basically like people are playing a game console since the staff doesnt do much to help you at all. It doesnt feel like an online game thanks to them.. Its a super shame really! A great game ruined by lazy staff!! Also when i saw their behind the scene mini show.. The staff in charge of the dfo.. I only saw about 3-4 people.. Wtf?? No wonder.. While vindictus has about 10-15 people working on it.. I love vindictus too i really hope they dont ruin it as well. As for DFO! I hope a smarter game company gets it and launch it again! This time with better hardworking staff! This game needs a better rebirth! Or no choice but to learn either japanese and korean just to play that awaome game again… Sheesh..

  2. This is the name of my lvl 52 Templar. I enjoyed playing DFO and experiencing the different classes. AT first I only had a slayer and a gunner, but then I started to experiment with the other classes and really get into the game. The fact that this game failed really surprised me. Besides the community and the economy, I thought it was nearly perfect. I will agree that It didn’t get any advertisement at all in the states.

    The only time I saw this game advertised was
    1) On a japanese flash game site.
    2)on a few Youtube videos
    3) On Nexon’s website when they announced it

    It didn’t really get the attention it deserved, kinda like a hipster’s game. I might consider playing DnF who knows.

  3. Ok, is it just me, or has anyone else tried, TRIED, to get DNF rolling? I tried the Chinese website and the South Korean website, the Chinese website I actually got the launcher, but I don’t understand a certain error message. If anyone here is still interested in this game please send me a reply, maybe we can help each other play DNF?

    • I loved DFO… and there is NO other game on the market that can fill it’s void.. so I am definitely down go on a DNF adventure;. But I lack the know how for whatever third party software would be necessary to actually get it working over here, and at least partially translate the game for us NA players.. =/.. Anyone else want to get together and see if we can “bring back” our favorite game?

  4. I agree with “Krisnick” and “Bic Boi”. DFO is amazing. Nexon is the one who fumbled.

    Yes, I played DFO. I ignored the childish morons or laughed at their petty attempts to get a rise out of someone. The name I’ve chosen for this post is the same as my main character on the game, a Lvl 70 Wrecking Ball that I put YEARS of my life, tears, frustration, love, and a piece of myself into. Now, I get to see this character wiped from existence because Nexon’s current CEO had to pull out the “My Dick’s Bigger” contest with the previous one? It’s no wonder they can’t control the community of DFO when their own Big Wigs do this.

    This game could’ve swam in popularity if Nexon would’ve taken it to more than just one E3 showing. It got, what…3-5 minutes of screen time? That’s not enough to advertise to an entire continent.

    The IP blocks are a hassle, I’ll admit that. They really do limit a game’s ability to find a big enough fan base to support it at times. However, when the game was split into east and west servers just for the United States, people STILL had a problem sticking to their own damn servers. Then again, this game only has ONE server – Cain. It can’t NOT lag. All they really had to do was make other servers for separate countries/regions and threat account suspensions for being on a server that isn’t for your country/region.

    One other thing I wanted to poke at: people wanting a back story. Beat’em Up games don’t NEED back stories. You get a character, go into a dungeon or fight area, and stomp’em ass. DFO does give a LITTLE BIT of back story for the characters, and it’s available on the website, but here’s my take on them after having played the game for years:

    The Slayer is a cursed swordsman who wants to remove that curse. The F. Fighter lost her entire family and wants to kill the one who did it. The M. Fighter doesn’t fit in at his dojo and wants to find his own way. The M. Gunner is a merc from Empyrean who escapes death by jumping into the Middle Ocean. The F. Gunner is a member of the Princess’s guard in Empyrean when the Princess is kidnapped, and she goes to find her after escaping the Kartel by jumping into the ocean. The F. Mage is from Pandemonium, where all this crap started, and is sent to Arad to learn, grow stronger, end the problem, and get back home. The M. Mage died because of his bullying and greed and was brought back to life by the Abyss because he’s powerful enough to make a good change in the world. The Priest was tasked with stopping Ozma by the High Priest (or Elder) of his order or have the world go to Hell in a hand-basket. The Thief is basically a merc like the M. Gunner, except she gets what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants by any means unless it involves possibly helping her people – the Dark Elves.

    There’s the back story for the characters, though if more than that is needed, play Final Fantasy. Those games have enough back story to make you puke.

    But anyway… All of this doesn’t really solve the problem; it just makes me feel better to get it off my chest. We all know Nexon doesn’t give a rat’s ass about its players, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.

    SHOUT OUT TO NEOPLE: Make a set of servers for North and South America. Yeah, it’s more upkeep, but wouldn’t it be worth it?

    Ah, also! Rusty Hearts, created by Perfect World Entertainment, is actually not that bad. I’m playing it now, though the camera controls, weird gamepad configs and exceptions, and the inability to change skill commands (unless I haven’t figured out how yet) drive me nuts.

  5. Well I feel sorry for dfo. šŸ™
    How do i get my compensation then? I wanna use my nx on maplestory. I went to the site but it said 404 error help?


  7. The onus for this game’s failure is entirely on nexon and neople’s shoulders.

    1) This game was developed in korea; a far smaller country with substantially better internet service. When they brought this game over to america they still had the peer2peer system, which is UTTER GARBAGE.

    2) Avatar prices. Seriously? $20+ dollars for an advanced set? It’s just minor stats and cosmetics..What in blue blazes convinced them that a monthly subscription in a quality MMO is equivalent to a set of 2D pixels? To even deck a small roster of characters out this game’s prices were absolutely retarded. And don’t even get me started on how the cash shop’s prices lead to insane inflation as a result.

    3) Bugs. Bugs freaking everywhere. Has nexon bothered to get fixes for them in a timely manner? Did neople give enough of a crap to do anything? No.

    4) Long stretches of zero content updates, or updates that are barely anything at all. People make it through the content so goddamn fast in that game. Two days after male fighters were released there was already someone at max level. I don’t know weather they no-life’d it or not but it stands as a testament of how quick the content can be finished. It’s never a good sign when a good chunk of the community finishes the newest content and has to wait months before anything more.

    5) The community itself was rather hostile. While I understand that competition always brings out aggressive behavior, it goes way beyond that in this game. Elitists, racists, preteen punks and just general people who love to piss you off..this game was FILLED with them. There was never, ever a time where the shouts(which are done with megaphones, which you either pay for or spend in-game gold at a ridiculous amount) were not filled with someone’s petty internet fights and trolling. It was just disgusting.

    All of this caused by nexon’s greed..especially when goldbuyers moved in. More than a few people acquired insane amounts of in-game gold and proceeded to rape the economy and fuel the fire of echo megaphone spam. There is just no way out. It is nexon’s problem to stop goldbuyers. It is nexon’s problem to control the community. It is nexon’s problem to communicate and work with neople to get a steady stream of content updates and bug fixes. They failed on every front. Nexon killed this game.

    Popularity problems? Maybe people got sick of your crap Nexon. They left because you left the game to rot.

  8. I really enjoy the process from designing a game to its birth. Just like Age of Wushu, its beautiful scenery and various Kongfu moves astonished me!

  9. Struggled in North America? What the hell were they expecting? They practically shot themselves in the foot when they started banning other countries…

  10. The only thing wrong with this game is the fact that they didn’t advertise. They don’t hype it up. Show it off as a revolution of action. They didn’t host tournaments, give people something to really fight for. They just kind of dumped it over here, then told us to have our wallets vomit into a bucket. Thankfully, I never bought anything from them… but I still saw the game I enjoyed so greatly coming to an end soon.

    It needed support, it needed that loving edge that the other territories got. It never got it. This hurts me, as I love the game, and I was greatly looking forward to the Female Slayers. Hopefully they’ll hand it off to a company that’ll love this game right. It needs to be out on the e-Sports scene. This game could be as popular as League of Legends if they’d just put it forward and show it off.

  11. The reason Nexon put a limit on games to 1 region because Nexon player base is big it is sad to see 1 game shutting down but Nexon is adding new games & Nexon is removing all the old servers & adding all new servers for Combat Arms & is listening to its player base in Combat Arms many players are happy with Nexon.

    Many big player base gaming company has region blocks.

  12. If BR`s were in taht game probaly will made it wrost but is NEXON REMEMBER they are rich so they can spread money anywhere buying companies

  13. That’s what happens when you limit your game to only one region of the world (North America in this case). All games should be made global, with optional USA/Europe server picks inside the game. That way the game gets bigger playerbase (which is good for both them and players) and they get more money too.

  14. I am happy and sad at the same time…Happy because of this hit in the face on nexon and sad because I played this game and it was really cool. Interesting fact! My country is Ip blocked by nexon, I played this using programs and stuff and it always slowed down a lil, so gameplay with other people was pretty much forbidden, still had fan soloing it and it was a pretty solid and fun game. Bankruptcy is something really bad and causes lots of consequences in the life of many people, so I always get sad when I hear another notice about publishers going bankrupt..but I think I would feel nothing if I saw news about it if it was Nexon or EA…

  15. Hm. I tried that game one time and got deinstallt afterwards. Sad news but i wont miss it.
    Lucasarts also got closed from Disney. R.I.P Lucasarts. Sad, sad, world.

  16. i hope this company goes bankrupt and never sees daylight agian. as for DFO never played it, always wanted to but never could cause nexon is full of BS

      • That’s true, good point. It’s not the whole company’s fault that they are the way they are anyway, their greedy CEO’s should get replaced not entire NEXON.

      • Have you used their customer support system? I wonder sometimes if there is even one person, one employee, maintaining that thing, it’s a shit hole. If there are employees working on them they deserve to be unemployed

  17. I played the game since it’s beta, the fault for this game being shut down is Nexon’s. A very lazy and greedy company. The game itself was very solid, had a huge fan base. There really is no other game out there like DFO. All other versions of the game are huge hits in other countries. Mainly because the hosts of those other versions work hard to take care of the game and the players. They advertise, they go to conventions and have panels they do promos and cross promo’s. They have a lot of updates and events. Other versions have great communication with their players and are always wanting feed back to make the game better. It truly is sad to see this game shut down do to Nexon’s incapable style of running things.

    • I played both closed open an dperiodically the full version of DFO and couldn’t get in to it. The fact that the only difference in appearance my character would ever has was my weapon and the tiny trinket that appeared on me showing what advanced class I am really turned me off. Why should I have to pay real cash to not feel like a number? Back when I first played every one of the areas before a dungeon was packed with at least 50 players, and all of us looked the same. Class advancement was fairly linear so all of us had the same abilities. The gameplay was fun, but it was limited by a korean system to stop us from playing ourselves to death, stamina, which could be bought with real money to keep playing. Maybe some day another game like it will come out, but to me the infrastructure of the game was bad from the start when they decided to limit customization of your character to be real money only.

      • Rusty Hearts is basically this in 3D, a little better for some people.

        I liked this game too back in the day, but you’re right, the pre-built characters… well, they didn’t have enough of a story or personality within themselves, and then even the Slayer was treated like ‘Oh, hey, there are lots of people with an arm possessed by a specific demon, it’s not even a big thing’. Well thanks, glad that I’m pigeon holed as a character that I don’t get to initially customize (without money, of course… and some luck) AND don’t even get a unique story behind the character.

  18. shut dowm cuz ip block brazil , all game block us play will shutdown , brazil is one shiit but roll money in game cuz us .
    Take it!

    • Here’s a thought. Learn to actually speak/type english, learn to not be a dick, and get a decent internet connection, and maybe you can play our games. Until then, I will not support an IP Unblock,m unless they either give you your own servers (and you STICK to them), or you’re forced to play solo/only with others in your region.

      You don’t seem to get how much lag can ruin a game. It’s why I played PSO2 Japanese solo, with a team of bots. I respected the fact I was playing on a Japanese server, and would make them lag and hurt their experience, much less that I couldn’t communicate with them. You lack this respect, and thus deserve nothing.

      • This.

        Your money isn’t worth a thing if several times the people in the Americas stop playing the game, and not potentially pay up anything themselves because of the huge impact of your negative aspects. No, I don’t want to play with some laggy scrub trash talking me in another language that can’t play the game in the first place. I’d rather play with some kid who’s pretending to be 13 so they can make an account, usually their skill level is higher, and don’t typically act like they’re king of the world.

        • People in NA stopped playing because Nexon (NA) doesn’t care about DFO anymore. Its CEO was one of the creators of Maplestory, and its pure politics that he would get rid of a game that was a project of the previous CEO.

          I don’t support IP banning, especially if there is no version of a game you can play in your region. Plus, Nexon NA was originally supposed to be Nexon Global, that’s why NA Maplestory is still called GMS (Global Maplestory) by many of its players.


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