Riot Games is now the latest in an increasingly long list of gaming behemoth to fall victim to hacking. A hacker was able to gain access to 120,000 North American League of Legends usernames, email addresses, transaction records, salted password hashes, and full names. The passwords are unreadable, but the information gained will make accounts with easily guessed passwords vulnerable.

All information accessed was from 2011, and the records don’t contain any info after July of 2011. Emails have been sent out to all affected players and Riot is prompting all NA players to change their passwords the next time they log in.

Interestingly, the hacker has apparently been very vocal about his exploits. In multiple posts which have since been deleted from the official League of Legends forums, the hacker insisted he didn’t steal the information in order to use it, but instead hacked Riot’s servers in order to show Riot that their server and account security was subpar. Indeed just last year the League of Legends EUW servers fell victim to a similar hack.

In response to the hacks, Riot intends to implement stronger security features which are currently in development. The email sent out to players breaks down the new security measures as follows:

Email verification: all new registrations and account changes will need to be associated with a valid email address (we’ll also require all existing players to provide a valid email address). Two-factor authentication: changes to account email or password will require verification via email or mobile SMS.

For a game that regularly sees millions of players log in daily, one would have expected to see such standard features a while ago.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. HoN has better engine and gameplay than Dota2. I always yawn atfer a Dota 2 game. So boring now after trying HoN.

    LoL doesn’t bore me as much as Dota 2. When I played and used my mic only other HoN players talked on their mics in Dota 2. At least in LoL people actually typed even if I do not really like the game.

    Getting no reaction from Dota 2 peeps when trying to communicate is kinda unsettling.

    • HoN has better gameplay… HoN takes the gamplay from Dota 1… Dota 2 is a remade dota 1.
      And for ur communication thing think: Maybe they don’t have a mic? maybe they’re busy last hitting or pulling or even dodging pudges mad hooks and can’t reply to you, so why don’t you stop being a self-centered person and realise that the world isnt made to reply to every single one of your requests?

  2. You know, when Dota 2 fanboys have to jump in every LoL thread just to say Dota 2>LoL, there must be something wrong. Is your game that bad that you must say this “Dota 2>LoL” over and over again to convince yourself that? Pathetic.

    • Eh, I like the debate, but only when it’s that. Dota2>LoL is not really a valid point xD it’s just bias. They’re both good by their own respects.. just… right now LoL isn’t looking too good right now.

    • We do it because on Dota videos we get retarded 12 year old league players who go ‘Dota copied LoL, LoL was the first, LoL is better LoL>Dota’ Yeah so shut up.

  3. I dont care i dont play in north šŸ˜€ ,and remenber ,not only lol as been hack ,dont blame too hight them ! (Remenber Valve,Sony,and a lots of other …) .

  4. this is what happens when companies become money minded and forget a Reaper is waiting to cut their heads off ….. many companies compromise security to save money and this what u get for it.

  5. League of Legends = Dora the explora
    Dota 2 = Breaking Bad

    More kids like LoL and is a casual game. Dota 2 for more mature people that requires high skill and team work that is all.

  6. I think, first Dota (WC3 based) was best. LoL and Dota 2 are bad. Played dota 2 bit more longer, but still they are both bad. sharing my opinion, not trying to change yours.

    • Ohh yes you really know it. Dota All Stars from WC3 best one and original, made by Icefrog. I remember when i played once with him many years ago. xD

  7. I believe Riot Games doesn’t care much about their security since they said something similar the last time their server was hacked. Even though Riot Games is making a significant amount of money from players, they’re not giving them enough security. The hackers are showing the players how much Riot Games care about their Players.

    • Yep. As pretty much every major PC game has had a huge hack attack sometime in the past, I’m a bit surprised that it took this long for LoL to have one.

  8. We better receive compensation for poor servers, the broken promises riot made us, and this recent hacking or im done with riot.

    • First off league is the most popular game in the world. (By hours played) Second dota has some of the worst ui I’ve seen in a while. It’s fun but its not better then league. Sorry to burst your bubble.

          • Well actually I’d say they’re both different games. There are a lot to consider.

            LoL: Has faster burst like combat but is also simplistic in design.

            DoTA 2: Has a slower paced/less ability spamming but also makes Hero – Hero encounters a very fast one. There are also a lot of little things like hidden shops, etc

            They both have their perks. DoTA2 allows you to access all champions but also makes you confused into who to choose. You also can’t use abilities to farm as much as you do in LoL. LoL on the other hand, though needing to “earn” Champions, has an easier mechanic in learning the other Champions without being overwhelmed.

            Many say DoTA2 is a little harder/skill based which I completely agree. But that doesn’t mean that LoL is a cake walk. All in all they’re as different as CoD and Battlefield are. Same genre, different pace.

          • smite isnt better its just the same a moba its just a third person and its getting shut down do sry but its going away

      • Competitive dota 2 has more ground and history, sorry to burst your bubble. In the history of Esports how much money was it? 2.9million $? Oh my, you’re totally right, league of legends is soooooo popular. /facepalm

        Because a game is popular doesn’t mean is good. Besides, skill wise dota 2 is by far way more demanding, BY FAR. Diamond player talking.

        • “just because a game is popular doesnt mean its good” the logic of every idiot on dota2. Cool bro im glad ur diamond. (0 proof given but ill take your word on it) If a game is popular its for a reason. If its not good its for its tie in to a franchise, or its tie in to a culture. League of legends has niether so obviously its just a better game. /masterbaitinpublic

          • Justin Bieber is the most popular musician in the world right now, is he good? CoD is the most popular fps right now, is it good? Dying of starvation is really popular way to die, is it good?

          • been playing mobas since for a long, long time, probably more than you, FOR SURE. In fact, if u say that league requires more skill than dota to play, that just proves everything. Besides, why do I need to provide proof of me being diamond? You’re a no one saying that league is an actual good challenging moba when in fact it’s just played due being popular, such as cod, or listening to justin beiber. All i gotta say is, league is the most dumbed down moba I’ve ever played, and yes, I’ve played every single current moba, p2p and f2p. Is ok, you don’t have to understand, cardboard V kids will never do.

            @johnisdumb ,what you said.

          • A game is popular because people enjoy it. That doesn’t make it a good game, people might enjoy a bad game too, believe it or not. Many people still play The WarZ because they like, does it make it a good game, no it still doesn’t.

          • – JB listeners never listened actual music
            – Most CoD gamers don’t know any other games besides CoD, GTA and BF
            – Dying of starvation is not by choice
            All people playing LoL are very aware of Dota 2 and still chose to play LoL, because dota is so slow paced and boring and those force staves and blink daggers come on, “hey this game is good because it’s complicated” ok, it’s like making a 128×128 chess board with 256 pieces on each side and thinking you are genius because it’s harder to play that way that’s soo sooo sooooooo stupid

        • Anyone can come up here and say they are diamond, If you think Dota 2 requires more skill, so be it, every game is different. I can say im challenger, And you’re probably going to give me your name on lol, So what? that doesn’t proof you’re him. I can be Dyrus. LOL!

      • when u’ll grow up , you will love dota.
        We understand that given the fact you’re going through puberty u like cartoons ,heroes with big boobs and simple games that dont require to much mechanical skill.

        • I play both I enjoy both.

          LoL=User Friendly, easy to pick up

          DotA2: Challenging, complicated to pick up.

          League has a bigger community. (HORRIBLE community). It’s more popular sure in terms of numbers.

          Dota 2 has a more mature community. Usually from the people who enjoyed Warcraft III along with Dota.

          League also doesn’t need great graphic cards. Whereas Dota needs a bit more.

          Different Companies, Different Games, Different Fans. Are we all done here?

      • If LoL is so popular… then how come Dota2’s recent International tournament racked up MILLIONS without sponsorships? Also, does LoL have a UI that allows players to watch live tournament matches or replay previous matches? NO? Oh dear, sorry to burst your bubble.

        • Well, Dota2 is being Published by Valve, who, if you might not be aware, are LOADED with MONEY.
          Secondly it DOES have a UI that lets you watch live matches.. Its called SPECTATOR Mode (All be it a 3 minute delay, but that is to prevent CHEATING)
          and by the way, if you want to re-watch previous matches there is a program called LOLREPLAY which allows you to do that. For gods sake man, People only jumped to Dota2 because it shares the name Dota. You guys are no different from that of call of duty fans,

          I don’t hate Dota2, I have tried it and I can happily say it is not my cup of tea, and I am sure LoL isn’t your cup of… whatever.. But that doesn’t mean you can lash out and pick on other LoL supporters because of your View. PS, This post wasn’t just directed at you, I say this to all other posts lashing out at Dota2 and LoL.


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