Nosgoth Cancelled, Will Shut Down May 31

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor April 8, 2016

Nosgoth Leaps into Closed Beta Tomorrow, Adds New Siege Mode 2

Square Enix has announced that its free-to-play Legacy of Kain-inspired humans vs. vampires slugfest Nosgoth will shut down at the end of next month. It's the second SE-published game to shut its doors this year before even getting out of beta, following Triad Wars.

In a post on the Nosgoth forums, EU Community Manager Oghamsmith gave a shoutout to the dedicated team that brought Nosgoth into being and thanked the players for their continued support. The reason given for the shutdown was simply lack of players: "ultimately its audience hasn’t grown enough to sustain ongoing operations."

The game will continue to operate until May 31, and the forums will remain open until June 14. No real-money purchases can be made in that time. If you made a purchase since March 1, it will be refunded. Finally, for you Legacy of Kain fans who wanted a more RPG-like experience and might be worried that Nosgoth's failure will have a negative bearing on that, SE has this to say:

"Any future Legacy of Kain project will be considered independently of Nosgoth and on the merits of the proposals alone."

As someone who played a fair bit of Nosgoth, I can't say I disagree with the reasons given. Player population was severely lacking, even during prime time hours, and it would sometimes take a ridiculously long time to find a match. I think the huge number of levels and the lobby system didn't do the game any favors in that regard, either, and though I never encountered anything severe, a lot of complaints in the forum thread are about unfixed bugs. There are a couple of other games out there -- good, solid games -- that might be suffering from the same fate. It's probably a topic for a future editorial.

For now, though, I'll just mourn the loss of an underrated game that was more fun than I thought it would be when I first heard of its idea of asymmetric gameplay. I'm not a high-level player, so I won't pretend to know how the balance was between vampires and humans, though the Square Enix and Psyonix team did seem to adjust nicely to the early advantage vampires had. I'll be sad to see it go, and I wonder what effect this could have on Square Enix's overall willingness to stick around in the PC F2P gaming space.

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Discussion (18)

zxcczzzz 5 years ago
How predictable, game problem was console unplayable controls, very outdated looks, they not wasting time on dead game like skyforge poor scammers.

Thoron 5 years ago
Well I have to say that somehow I felt that this might gonna happen sooner or later......
I invested 15 hours to the game SINCE THE BEGINING OF THE CLOSED BETA so that should say something...... but DAMN it had a lot of potential and there was not once when I just thought about sitting down and probably playing 1 or 2 matches...
The problem here was that the game had a rich lore behind it and they basically didn't do anything with it THERE WAS EVEN A LEGACY OF KAIN THE DEAD SUN SINGLE PLAYER BEHIND IT but then they scrapted the project and they made NOSGOTH the game of what it could have been seriously if they'd have made some sort of single player stuff to it or maybe some siege mode or something that would have been different than that 5v5 mode (which not once was 4v5 3v2 1v5 Yes I had the last one as well and I was not happy with hunting down 5 enemies while I was alone) so yes they could have done anything with it and now currently I'm playing with the other Legacy of Kain games like Blood omen 2 and I was planning on playing the Soulreaver games as well after that then I'd play the defiance and my plan was that after that I'll play NOSGOTH......
I may not have played with all of the Vampires or the humans but this game certainly gave me not once some good days and it lighted up my day not once just coming home and trying it out what have changed and when we got hat new Vampiress (and I used her basically every time since I got her from leveling) and now it's time to say goodbye.....
it will be hard to say goodbye and now with the "Like I'm gonna lose you" song from Jasmine Thompson I guess I'll say my goodbyes to this game which had Sooo much potential.....
..... Well Goodbye then Nosgoth..... 'Till we meet.... Again....
Oh and 1 more thing please Make a new Legacy of Kain game!

Merkadis 5 years ago
One glance at it, and it was enough to never bother with it again, definitely non-missable material.

Jaeger 5 years ago

MrHeartless 5 years ago
Told people since this was announced it would fail because instead of making a fully fleshed out game using the rich Legacy of Kain IP, they turn around and make a half assed 5v5 game.

It was never going to hold a large enough audience to sustain itself when boxing itself in to such a narrow corner of the market.

Played it and though it wasn't bad it had 0 hooking potential and absolutely no reason for me to invest anything into it.

Poor idea, in this harsh f2p environment you really have to come good to stay afloat.

Fortegs 5 years ago
RIP, had some very interesting ideas and I'm very sad to see it go

2poor4agoodcomputerbetterplayoldgames 5 years ago
i din't even tried it, my name says it all

Player1 5 years ago
Ther'es tons of players that couldn't play the game due to the high systems requeriments, even in ultra low the game still kicking the ram hard. The poor optimization and the insane prices killed the game slowly till the shutdown, it's really sad cause i really liked the game, i think i have almost 2.5k hours in it, welp farewell Nosgoth

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Hantzie 5 years ago
I'm surprised. This game is not my cup of tea, but i had the idea that it was kinda popular. Well R.I.P.

Jafarson 5 years ago

Derpina 5 years ago
HAHAHA AHAHAH *points and laughs* It was horrible in CB. Horrible in OB, and just grabbed cash to any moron thinking it was a good game. This needs to happen to so many other games now. Starting with BDO.

View 2 replies
nanz735 5 years ago
ohh, that was a nice game

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