Square Enix’s free-to-play vampires-vs.-humans battler Nosgoth goes truly free-to-play on Wednesday, when the game heads into open beta. No more codes, no more alpha/beta packages… it’s free for everyone!

The game will be taken offline on Monday the 19th to prepare for the launch at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time on the 21st, and players will earn double XP during that first week. The team will also be streaming from the Psyonix offices starting at 11:30.

In the meantime, if you’re already in the game and participating in the tests of the matchmaking system, you can get double XP this weekend and claim your rewards for testing, all of which are outlined on the Nosgoth blog.

I played a bit of Nosgoth when it first came available in alpha and my thoughts were mixed, but I’m willing to believe that it just might not have been my kind of game. Have you tried it out? Or are you looking forward to giving it a try in the open beta?

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  1. That is one crappy trailer LOL. Since when does anyone has time to stand around when playing an FPS game. game is okay though, played it last year.

  2. I can play it but after watching videos of gameplay i was not excited , for me game looks like generic spec ops fps just with vamparies, i not see any rpg elements, upgrades weapons , if its stupid generic fps lik cs its not for me, i give a try .


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