Old-School MMORPG Ashen Empires Was Finally Coming To Steam But Is Now Delayed With No Release Date

"Unforeseen issues" cropped up last minute, it seems.

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Ashen Empires

Ashen Empires, a super old-school MMORPG that was released originally in 2002, was going to release on Steam by Iron Will Games on August 13 but has been delayed due to "unforeseen issues." Unfortunately, the issue must have been quite the predicament because Iron Will Games expects to launch within the next few weeks, but that's not a guaranteed release window.

"I'm sorry to say that we have to delay our launch on Steam. There were some unforeseen issues with this process that we did not anticipate, not having gone through this before," said Iron Will Games from their Discord channel. "[We] do not have an ETA at the moment on when we will launch."

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Despite the setback, the developers will "replace their token purchase sale on PayPal and do some events and giveaways in-game." Nothing can be said about the Steam version's issue, but we can assume it would have led to a rough launch that no one would have enjoyed.

The news came just before the planned release and would have kicked off a new server alongside a Steam version. It would have been a PvE progression server with the Mainlands and Talazar's Revenge updates, providing a new region, skills, and crafts. Throughout the month of the release, Iron Will Games would increase the level cap to 110 and add more expansion content.

For those intrigued by the game and want to try it out when it finally reaches Steam, you can learn more about Ashen Empires on its official website.

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